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What Eminem Has Been Up to Prior to the Surprise Oscar Performance

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Mario Perez

Last night's Oscars had a couple of moments that really surprised quite a few people. One of them was Eminem coming out on stage and performing his song "Lose Yourself". For which, he actually won an Oscar back in 2003. At the time the always controversial rapper was not at the ceremony to get his award.

This time around though he accepted the invitation from the Academy to come out and showcase his Oscar-winning song. This sudden public appearance had a lot of people wondering what Slim Shady has been up to lately.

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How They Got Eminem On Board

Gettyimages | VALERIE MACON

Oscars co-producer Lynette Howell Taylor sat down with People magazine to discuss some of the events that took place last night. She mentioned that this particular performance was one that they had planned for quite a while. They had reached out to Marshall, and from the looks of things, he was not hard to convince.

On his part, Eminem took to social media to thank the Academy for the invite that he got to be on stage. Actually apologizing for not showing up the year he was given the award.

Catching Up With Old Friends

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

Another A-list star that was in attendance and got up on stage to perform was none other than Sir Elton John. He also collected his second Oscar thanks to his original song for his biopic Rocketman. Backstage he caught up with Eminem. The two have been pretty unlikely friends over the years. Since, Elton actually came out and defended Marshall when his lyrics were being accused of being homophobic.

The two have always expressed mutual respect and admiration for each other and the work that they do.

Just As Busy

Gettyimages | 10'000 Hours

It safe to say that Eminem is not exactly as popular or as relevant in the spotlight as he once was. That is not to say that he hasn't been working. It is quite the opposite he released a new album in 2018 called Kamikaze. In 2019 he has been on tour. He still has a lot of time to cause some controversy as he always has.

His song "Unaccomodating" is a way to see the Manchester bombings through the bomber's eyes. His song did not make people in Manchester happy at all.

Quite A Bit of Money To Fall Back On

Unsplash | Pepi Stojanovski

One of the reasons Eminem has stayed a bit out of the public eye is the fact that he really doesn't need the attention anymore. As he said in one of his songs, "They say I can't rap about being broke no more". That is actually pretty accurate.

According to multiple reports, Eminem's net worth is estimated at around 210 million dollars. In the last few years even though he has been making music his public appearances have actually been few and far between.

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