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Photo of Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini's New 'Kelsea' Album Might Not Be Country

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By Aja

Rising star Kalsea Ballerini isn't just a one-hit wonder. If anything, she's here to stay! The Knoxville-born singer already released two studio albums and has a third on the way this March! So fans can start marking down their calendars now. With the album titled affectionately Kelsea, it's clear right off the back that the singer has grown up since her Yeah Boy days. The 26 year-old, is ready to raise the stakes with her new album and it's set to raise some brows.

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Kelsea Ballerini Wants To Experiment With Some New Sounds

Kelsea Ballerini performing at a concert
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After sharing the stage with fellow pop singer Halsey for her new song Graveyard last year, it's possible that Ballerini was inspired to challenge herself more on this third album. The singer draws from many influences in her life, whether they're her famous friends or her own life experiences. Ballerini revealed that her Kelsea Album will focus on her changing outlook of life and even her tastes in music. She makes a key point that many of the songs off the "album will be traditionally country but use elements that are very Top 40." Looks like Ballerini is trying to pull a Taylor Swift move.

Ballerini Takes A Hard Look At Herself In Single "L.A"

Kelsea Ballerini at a special event
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The hardest song Ballerini has ever produced off her Kelsea Album is her single L.A. The title name evokes the sense of a party anthem, much like her Club single, though, neither is the case. In L.A the singer exposes her innermost self, talking about topics of anxiety, happiness and battling through off the spurious nature of Hollywood life. Ballerini stated the song is one of her most "vulnerable" tracks ever released. It's awesome when an artist shows their true selves because they can relate to their fans on a deeper level. Kuddos to Kelsea Ballerini!

Ballerini Loves Her Fans

Kelsea Ballerini singing with a young fan
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Not only is Kelsea Ballerini a great singer but an awesome role model for her younger fans. A 12 year-old fan sent a letter to the Peter Pan singer telling her about the kids that bully her at school. Ballerini immediately resonates with the fan, saying in an Instagram post that she "too had a rough time in middle school. She promises the young fan that things will get better." Ballerini then encourages the young fan to go try out for America's Got Talent and sing Homecoming Queen. How cute!

Kelsea Fights For Female Representation

Kelsea Ballerini singer at a special event
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Kelsea is very responsive with her fanbase and loves spreading positivity. The Club singer also fights for girl power and more female representation on the radiowaves. The Peter Pan singer got candid about the time she heard the hosts on a country radio station in Michigan say "we can't play two female artists in a row." Unfortunately, country radio stations do play more male singers than females. By the genre being dominated by male musicians, it's refreshing to see Kelsea Ballerini demand that female artists get just as many songs played on the radio as men. Go girl!

How Ballerini Is Changing The World Of Country Music

Kelsea Ballerini performing at a concert
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Ballerini's music shines bright not because she's topping the billboard charts or is a great country singer. It's because she fights for what she believes. The L.A singer says that while growing up, she was naive about the country music industry and it's attitude towards female artists. She grew up believing women in country were equal, when really they weren't. Ballerini is a rare talent, as she was the first female country singer to have 3 hit singles on the radio. Not many female country singers can say that. Ballerini is changing the world of country music and with her new album Kelsea, she'll continue topping charts as the greatest female singer of her generation.

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