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AOL shared on Monday an image that was included in the report that shows the helicopter -- a Sikorsky S-76B with the registration N72EX -- flying into thick fog and clouds shortly before it crashed into a hillside.

The NTSB described the image as "a still frame from a security video obtained from a road maintenance yard adjacent to Moreau Road and Highway 101 depicting the helicopter proceeding westward along the highway and disappearing into the clouds."

Also in the report was an eye witness account of what happened. A man was hiking on a trail about 50 feet from where the helicopter went down.

"He said he began to hear the sound of a helicopter, which he described as appropriate for a helicopter flying while in a powered condition. He perceived the sound getting louder and saw a blue and white helicopter emerge from the clouds," the report said.

"He judged it to be moving fast, travelling on a forward and descending trajectory. It started to roll to the left such that he caught a glimpse of its belly. He observed it for seconds 1 to 2 seconds, before it impacted terrain about 50 feet below his position."

Gettyimages | Rob Carr

The report also ruled out engine failure as the cause of the crash. The helicopter was just 100 feet from emerging above the clouds, where visibility would've been much better, when it began a rapid decent that ended in the crash.

The flight was en route to Bryant's Mamba Sports Academy, where his daughter and two of her teammate aboard the helicopter were to continue playing a basketball tournament.

In his final interview before his death, recorded last October, Bryant said what he loves about watching Gianna play basketball.

"It's a trip to see her move and the expressions that she makes," Bryant said. "It's a trip, you know, the genetics. Genetics is a real thing, man.

"What I love about Gigi is her curiosity about the game," he added. "Even in a very heated situation in a game where it's very competitive and back and forth, she can detach herself and come over and ask a very specific questions, which is not common."

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