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Brad Pitt Holding His Oscar

Brad Pitt Gives Politically Charged Oscars 2020 Acceptance Speech

Gettyimages | FREDERIC J. BROWN
By Chanel Love

Once upon a time in Hollywood, Brad Pitt won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" sending waves of excitement through the audience and his fans. According to Fox News, the 56-year-old actor won his second career oscar and first acting Oscar on Feb. 9 at the 92nd Academy Awards.

After Pitt's award was announced by Regina King, he took to the stage to give his acceptance speech and it came with a politically charged message.

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Brad Pitt's Political Moment

Brad Pitt and Fellow Nominee Tom Hanks
Gettyimages | MARK RALSTON

Pitt thanked the Academy and commented about the senate impeachment proceedings for President Donald Trump. Pitt acknowledged "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" director Quentin Tarantino telling him that the industry would be a "much dryer place" without him.

In his speech, he joked that maybe Quentin would make a film about the current US political climate. "... I'm thinking maybe Quentin does a movie about it, in the end, the adults do the right thing," said the award-winning actor.

He dedicated his award to his children after giving thanks to those involved in the film and his success.

And Now, The Backlash

Brad Pitt
Gettyimages | Handout

Several celebrities used the Feb. 9 Academy Awards festivities to take a stance. After Pitt's speech went viral, those observing from the sidelines had a lot to say about the message he shared.

On Twitter, his words were met with both praise and scorn. One fan said "I wish more of these powerful Hollywood actors would put themselves out there like this, & speak out against the Trump Administration."

News organization Leading Britain's Conversation tweeted from across the pond:

"Does Brad Pitt think we give a damn about the vote on impeaching the President? Or what Joaquin Phoenix makes of animal rights? Just shut up!"

Pitt's Comments Embolden Trump Supporters

Trump 2020 Rally
Gettyimages | Spencer Platt

Brad Pitt's comments led many Trump supporters to respond to his attack on the senate and the impeachment trial. Many voiced that they believe Trump will win the 2020 elections to the detriment of opponenets. One Trump supporter named Mark Miller said:

"The Oscars was on last night? They never get tired of giving themselves awards do they. One year from now, they will be inconsolable 😎 Trump wins in a landslide Hollywood's meltdown continues! #Trump2020

The responses continue to be posted online.

Brad Pitt Receives Golden Globe Award
Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

When it's all said and done, Brad Pitt was within his rights to speak up during his Oscars 2020 speech. Supporters and opponents of his political sentiments can either love him or hate him for it. Either way, Pitt took home an Academy Award last night and can add it to the collection of accolades he has received for his work on "One Upon A Time In Hollywood."

In addition to his Oscar win, Pitt received SAG-AFTRA, BAFTA, and Golden Globe honors this awards seasonn.

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