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These '90 Day Fiance' Cast Members Are Dragging TLC

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By A. Elise

For many TLC viewers, 90 Day Fiance is the epitome of modern reality TV. In the past, fans have been talking about some of the more peculiar story lines the show has opted to show. A vocabulary has even grown around the alleged lies and made-up stories TLC gives viewers. Recent stories featured on the show lead viewers to ask, "Why is TLC frauding us?"

And now, it's not just the fans who feel this way. It's also the show's cast members who claim something just isn't right.

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Recently, several cast members featured on 90 Day Fiance have appeared on the show to say that TLC may have changed some elements of the stories to make them more interesting. Some couples on the show even claim that TLC is using the power of editing to lie to audiences and manipulate the truth.

Now, editing is nothing new in the world of reality television. But cast members say that now the truth is being stretched way too thin, and they are not staying quiet about it anymore.

Emily Larina Calls Out TLC

Giphy | TLC Europe

Emily Larina, who is featured on the current season of 90 Day Fiance, is not letting TLC get away with their current editing tactics. Her biggest gripe? That TLC is portraying her fiance, Sasha, as totally cold and calculating. She says that TLC refuses to show Sasha as the kind and caring person that he is.

This season, TLC has focused Emily and Sasha's story on Sasha's passion for fitness. On the show, Sasha is portrayed as somebody who ridicules people for not being in shape. Emily took to Instagram to share her side of the story.

Michael Jessen Is Unhappy Too

Giphy | TLC Europe

Michael Jessen, who is also featured on this season of the show alongside his wife, Juliana, has been upset with the way his story has been told. He shames TLC and the production company, saying that his story has been completely manufactured.

One problem? Michael says his ex-wife has been portrayed negatively with a conversation edited to make her appear like a controlling mother. Michael also had problems with the editing of a discussion about signing a pre-nuptial agreement with his new wife.

Jasmin Lahtinen Says Fans Treat Her Poorly

Giphy | TLC Europe

Jasmin Lahtinen is also speaking out about the way she claims TLC is portrayed her negatively. She calls the show edited and claims that her portrayal has been largely detrimental. In fact, she says that the show's fans are treating her poorly because of what they have seen on 90 Day Fiance.

In one recent episode, Jasmin is seen saying that she does not want to have a job because she is not passionate about work. She also frequently trashes fiance Blake's friends.

Giphy | TLC

These stars are by no means the only ones to speak up about the way they feel TLC has 'frauded' its audience. In fact, cast members from past seasons have also spoken out about the way they feel the show has been unfair. Even tertiary cast members, like Stephanie Woodcock, have claimed that the show is totally scripted with producers telling family members to cause trouble.

Is the news shocking? For a show that has always dug its heels into being so "real," it is always shocking to hear that the stories might be becoming more manufactured with each season.

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