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Greta Thunberg To Star In A BBC Series

Gettyimages | Phil Clarke Hill
By Rima Pundir

BBC Studios announced a new project at its Showcase event in Liverpool, supposedly to be made with Greta Thunberg. Details are sketchy as of now as no broadcaster has been attached to the aforesaid series, and neither have the number of episodes been made clear. While it may have some bits reminiscent of a reality show portraying Thunberg in her quieter moments, it will basically follow the science behind her environmental campaign with an array of experts to decode the science.

Thunberg's Foray Into Limelight

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Greta Thunberg doesn't just speak a mouthful, her name itself is quite a task. Born Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg, she shot into international attention when she skipped school and sat outside the Swedish parliament, urging the government to take firmer steps to resolve the climate crisis. She has the support of many celebrities today, even as others diss her. Even her own father was none too happy about her missing school to fight for the environment, as he later told BBC.

She Has Made "Flight Shaming" Popular

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According to the LA Times, Thunberg is making airlines nervous. As an environmental activist, she prefers to sail rather than fly and has done so on several occasions. Her disdain for flying is apparent in her straight talk, and in Sweden, this has led to a four percent drop in people flying into Sweden because nobody wants to be flight shamed. Or as they call it in Sweden, flygskam. Clearly, Greta Thunberg is a force to be reckoned with, and the airline industry is cognizant of it.

The Time Person Of The Year, 2019


Celebrities may support Greta Thunberg and call her their hero, and some may dismiss her actions calling it nothing more than a claim to fame. But Time Magazine recognized this little but fierce soul's efforts and dubbed her the 2019 Person of the Year. A little girl who chose to forego school and sit on strike against her own government, risking unpopularity and mockery, just to see that everyone on this Earth has a better tomorrow. This is the kind of hero we all need.

The Greta Effect


Thunberg's speech at the US was a bare-boned, direct attack against all world leaders who sat around doing nothing, while the climate crisis went on getting worse. It hasn't made her a very popular person with many, with even Donald Trump dissing her rather publically. And yet, "The Greta Effect" is there for everyone to see, with more and more students and youth standing up to fight for a better tomorrow. Because if no one fights today, there would be no tomorrow.

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