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Awards show trophies on a table

How Much do Awards Show Trophies Actually Cost?

Gettyimages | baona
By Robin Zabiegalski

Awards show season officially wraps up each year with the Oscars, which aired on Sunday night. That means a lot of winners have gone home with shiny trophies. These trophies are some of the most-wanted items in Hollywood, and taking one home is one of the highest honors Hollywood can bestow.

If you're an awards show junkie, you've probably wondered many things about those shiny little statues, but have you ever wondered how much they cost to make? The answer will probably surprise you.

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Production Costs

A hand holding an Oscar statue in front of a red carpet
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The trophies for both the Academy Awards and the Emmys cost about $400 to produce.

You might think that these awards are made of solid gold, but they're definitely not. The Oscars statue is made out of bronze and then plated in gold. The Emmys statues are plated with a mixture of nickel, copper, silver, and gold. But this different coating doesn't bring down the overall cost of the trophy.

Grammys, which are made out of zinc-alloy then plated with gold, are much cheaper - only about $15.

But Their Resale Value is Pretty Awful

Oscars statues on a table
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Since the Oscars statues cost so much to make and are essentially priceless to the people who win them, you'd think that the resale value would be incredibly high. But believe it or not, Oscars statues can only be resold for a single dollar.

Before you hop on the Internet and try to buy up a bunch of old Oscars statues, you should know that Oscars statues can only be sold back to The Academy. There's an actual rule that says Oscars winners cannot sell their Oscars statues unless they sell it back to the Academy.

The Trophies Do Get The Winners More Cash

100 dollar bills
Unsplash | Pepi Stojanovski

Though the awards aren't worth actual money, they do generate more cash for the actors who win them. Actors don't get paid for winning the awards. However, the awards do translate to higher paychecks for the actors who win them.

Oscar winners make an average of 60% more after winning their Oscar. Though this salary boost depends on where the actor is at in their career. A newbie who wins an Oscar will likely get a bigger salary boost than an established star.

How Are the Oscars Statues Made?

An Oscars Statue
Gettyimages | Ingo Boddenberg

In the past, each Oscars statue was hand-sculpted, so you can imagine how difficult it was to produce all the statues needed for the show. These days, technology has made it much easier to produce the statues.

Today, the Oscars are 3-D printed! The technology is used in every phase of the process from design to production. Once the statue is 3-D printed, it's coated in ceramic, bronzed, and then plated with 24-karat gold.

The production process starts as early as September each year to make sure all the statues are ready for the show.

They're Actually Priceless

An Oscars statue held in front of a theater
Gettyimages | Sucek

Of course, the actual cost of the statue has nothing to do with what it's actually worth. To the winners, the statue is a priceless representation of the effort that goes into making a film. It's recognition for all of their hard work and talent.

So, while each of those statues costs $400 to make, yes each of them costs $400, the statues are worth so much more than their literal production costs.

Congratulations to all the winners who got to take home one of those statues tonight!

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