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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Rosa's Best Character Traits

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By Stephanie Elmir

Rosa Diaz is a fan favorite, but let's be honest, most of the main cast are fan favorites, they're all perfect. But what makes Rosa such a beloved character?

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is known for its hilarious storylines, but the heart of the show is in the B99 squad. Rosa, in particular, gives a stoic but passionate feel to the precinct, presenting that 'bad cop' persona with good intentions. Like her companions, she wants to do good, and protect the people she loves.

Will Kill You


Rosa is known for her monotone voice and killer instinct, it's a wonder she ended up a cop and not a bounty hunter. Although she's abstained from killing people, she will metaphorically kill anyone with her dagger eyed stare and proficiency in violent revenge.

A woman who loves knives and motorcycles, if she's after a crook, then there's no getting off her trail. Moreover, she's a brilliant detective, able to piece together information to ruin criminal lives. No one escapes Rosa.


Giphy | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Rosa pulled at viewers' heartstrings when she came out as bisexual to the B99 squad. She had originally struggled with this in an episode where she admits that she's dating a woman. Her father, played by Danny Trejo, does not take well to her coming out, so Rosa cuts him out of his life.

That is the reality for most LGBTQ+ identifying persons and showing that experience on a primetime show was great progress for representation. Especially seen through a Latinx family, where homophobia can be most prevalent.

Loves Her Squad

Giphy | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Don't be fooled by Rosa's dreary facade, her insides are mushy and full of love for her friends on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine". Her girl squad with Gina Linetti and Amy Santiago is one of a kind, all bold characters that balance between chaos and order.

Moreover, her relationships with everyone can be seen through her consideration for them, doing small acts of kindness to help out. She's a necessary part of the team, but she thinks the same of everyone else.

Leather Jacket +


Rosa's style is badass, streamlined, and simple. Her trademark clothing item is a leather jacket. Cool, classic, and original, the leather jacket gets a stamp of approval from Rosa. It's perfect for jumping on crooks and wrestling them into handcuffs. And her jackets are mostly black, so it's not apparent if blood falls on them.

It's also perfect for New York City weather, the cold unable to penetrate Rosa's work ethic and pain tolerance. This woman is a leather jacket-wearing machine!

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