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Cardi B

Has Cardi B Recently Gotten Plastic Surgery Done? Fans Seem to Think so

Gettyimages | David Dee Delgado
By Clarissa Wilson

The Internet has been buzzing about Cardi B and her looks a lot lately. Fans think she has had plastic surgery recently. Many of her fans think something seems, 'off' about the singer. They actually think she had some work done to her face. However, as of the writing of this, the female rapper has not addressed these rumors as to whether or not they are true.

So, why do her fans think this about her? Her fans started speculating about this once they saw her wearing masks during the many different times she was out in December and the beginning of January.

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Cardi B
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One thing is for sure, Cardi B definitely has a different type of fashion style and likes to experiment around with the different fashion looks she does tend to use. And, because of her wearing masks and experimenting with the different fashion styles, fans started talking about her getting plastic surgery.

With Cardi B being ahead of the rumors going around about her and the plastic surgery that her fans think she had done, she chose to go to the Miami mall without any makeup on last December. Of course, because of this, she was criticized about it by her fans.

Cardi B
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While she was at the mall, she was innocently doing some Christmas shopping. However, once people saw her on social media like this, they started putting her down all over social media. They started harshly putting her down about her natural beauty.

Although this happened in December of last year, she decided to get rid of the masks she was wearing in January and posted several different pictures of herself on social media without the masks. Although many of her fans posted nice comments about the way she looked, many others said they noticed something about her was 'off.'

Cardi B
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They commented saying that her facial features seemed a little more chiseled and that she must have had work done on her nose. You can check out before and after pictures of her here.

And, although those who are speculating can't seem to stop criticizing her for her looks and believing she had some work done on her face and nose, she has not said a word to anyone to confirm it or not. She has been traveling around a lot. Most of her time has been spent in Miami for the Super Bowl.

Cardi B
Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris

Not only was she busy spending the weekend in Miami for Super Bowl LIV, but she is also currently busy working on her next album. The new album is a follow-up to Invasion of Privacy which is the album she won a Grammy award for. This new album can come out as early as the spring of 2020. Because of this, she doesn't have time to put any energy into the negative comments about her and she doesn't have to either.

Cardi B
Gettyimages | Leon Bennett

Although she hasn't confirmed whether or not the rumors are true, she has admitted in the past to getting different things done to her body to make herself look and feel better. Cardi B was a stripper before she became a singer and this made her feel self-conscious about her looks. Because of this, she opened up about getting a breast augmentation done and butt injections, illegally.

In fact, when she was working as a stripper before she became famous for singing, she said, "Before I started stripping, even though I was poor, I was very satisfied with the way I looked. I thought I had a nice face. I thought I had a nice body and everything until I started going to the strip club. … I started to feel insecure. I started to feel like I wouldn’t make as much money if I don’t have big boobs. Bam. I did boobs. Then … I felt like I won’t make enough money if I don’t have a big a**.”

Her daughter Kulture was born in July 2018 and also admitted to getting her breasts redone after the birth of her daughter, She also got liposuction and more done in early 2019. However, she then claimed she was done with the plastic surgery and over it completely.

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