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Charlize Theron looks amazing in this bright red top with a short scarf and her make-up is amazing.

Charlize Theron's Career Prowess & Wealth Will Leave You With Dropped Jaws!

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Many actresses and actors make a fortune from their movie roles,. Of course, this did not start in a day, as they had to have worked endlessly to be given the accolades that they get. However, some fans have no idea how wealthy many of these A-list actors are from the movies they have made in the past and the ones that are in the process of making. One of the wealthy actors in the Hollywood industry, is Charlize Theron.

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Charlize Theron looks breath taking in this silver dress and her smile s contagious.
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The actress has been one of the best at what she does, and she is more than a blessing to the industry. Acting can be tricky, sometimes difficult, but it is often enjoyable for people whoa re born to do it. Speaking of people who fall into that amazing category, Theron's name can never be missing on that list. The actress has shown countless times that acting is in her genes and her fans are amazed at how she portrays her skill-set on the big screens.

Charlize Theron wowsin a floor-sweeping green dress with a black cape and her short hairstyle is flawless.
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According to reports, Theron's net worth as a professional actress is summarized at $130 million. Wow!

Now, acting for Theron did not just come knocking in a day, so let's find out how the actress' career came to be.

Theron was born in Benoni, South Africa on August 7, 1975. SHe was the only child of her parents; Charles and Gerda Theron. Theron lived most of her life in Benoni, on her parents farmland which is quite close to Johannesburg. Theron had a difficult childhood and witnessed the death of her father as a child.

Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart are photographed during an interview and they look amazing.
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One night, her dad who had been drinking a lot, threatened to hard Theron and her mother and went ahead to fire a gun at them. Trying to defend herself and her daughter, Theron's mother grabbed a handgun and fired back at him, which ultimately killed him. The authorities came by and ruled his death as self-defense, so Theron's mother was not charged to court.

Initially, Theron wanted to be a dancer, but at age 16, she won a modeling contract which was supposed to last for a year. This was when she moved to Italy to be with her mother.

Charlize Theron looks flawless in this striped long-sleeved T-shirt with black pant to match.
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After spending a year in Europe to honor her modeling contract, Theron and her mother finally moved to the US and that is when her movie career started sinking in. In 1994, Theron began to pursue her movie career, and her mother was very supportive of her decisions. In 1995, after so much hard work, Theron landed her first breakout role in a horror film titled "Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest." From 1997, Theron began to get bigger roles in movies and that put her in the spotlight in no time.

Presently, Theron has two beautiful; both adopted and is not in a relationship.

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