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Independent Spirit Awards Highlighted These Films

Gettyimages | Phillip Faraone
By Stephanie Elmir

These films are only some of the films snubbed by other awards shows this season, The Independent Spirit Awards making it their job to recognize and at least nominate good work. For once, it's not a homogenous group of people being considered.

Amongst great films like "The Farewell" and "Honey Boy", these films proved to be innovative, diverse, and totally different from the pack of mainstream films. Last night, the Spirit awards celebrated their unique messages and perspectives on the world.

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Uncut Gems

Giphy | Film Independent Spirit Awards

"Uncut Gems" went home with three awards for best male actor, best director, and best editing. The Safdie brothers, Adam Sandler, and their crew have been snubbed for most of the awards season, though audiences disagree with those decisions.

Sandler's acceptance speech hilariously poked fun at The Oscars, relating that when the beautiful people die, the people with independent spirits will live on forever. That makes total sense, considering the Safdie brothers create films that are dynamic, stressful, and untouchable.

The Lighthouse

Giphy | Film Independent Spirit Awards

Robert Egger's "The Lighthouse" took home two awards for best cinematography and best supporting male actor. Willam Dafoe graciously accepted his award and thanked Eggers and Pattinson for their experience.

Although the film has one Oscar nomination, it was apparent that they snubbed Dafoe and Pattinson from the best actor category. Dafoe also shared his award with Pattinson, his constant scene partner through the film.

Experimental, black and white, with isolated island vibes, the film's cinematography proved haunting and perfect for the alienating script.

The Last Black Man In San Francisco

Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil

"The Last Black Man In San Francisco" is maybe the most underrated and underappreciated film this awards season, only winning two awards from Sundance Film Festival for Joe Talbot's directing and the special jury prize. Otherwise, the film has even been sparsely nominated.

The Spirit Awards nominated the film for best first feature but lost to "Booksmart". No doubt, Talbot will come back strong with a new feature. Their nomination was huge for an African American independent film that's been snubbed too many times.


Gettyimages | Tommaso Boddi

"Parasite" has been a favorite during awards season, winning several awards already. However, like most other awards shows, the Spirit awards ignored the foreign actors and actresses in the film.

Director Bong Joon-ho has been wracking up his awards and dedicating it to all members of the cast and crew. Although it's only been deligated as the best international film instead of falling under more categories.

However, it's unknown how well "Parasite" will do at the Oscars, maybe also giving it other accolades instead of best picture or best director.

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