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Miguel Ferrer

'NCIS: LA' Star Miguel Ferrer's Net Worth At Time of Death

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By Ivy Pope

Former NCIS: Los Angeles star Miguel Ferrer died on January 19, 2017. His co-stars and producers made sure to tell the world about how hard he worked, even up until the end of his life.

Miguel Ferrer died from throat cancer, at the age of 61. George Clooney, Ferrer's cousin, gave a statement about how much the actor meant to his family.

"Miguel made the world brighter and funnier and his passing is felt so deeply in our family that the events of the day, pale in comparison."

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Ferrer played Assistant Director Owen Granger from 2012, until his death in 2017. He appeared in two episodes after his death, as those episodes were filmed beforehand. NCIS: Los Angeles showrunner, R. Scott Gemmill, had nothing but praise for the actor.

"Miguel was a man of tremendous talent who had a powerful dramatic presence of screen,"

An actor that highly praised had to have been great to work with, and a great person to top that off. Ferrer definitely loved NCIS: Los Angeles, because he never once thought of leaving the show for another.

Ferrer smiling into the camera.
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In 2014 during a festival, Ferrer was asked what motivated him to keep going to work every single day, and his answer was a sweet one.

I’m sure everyone you’ve talked to today said, ‘Oh, we’re like a family. We’re all so close. It’s usually not true. I’ve been doing this a long time. It’s never true. But in my case, with NCIS: Los Angeles, it’s really true. We all get along so well and are so fond of one another. And so that is what I look forward to most. And obviously, the work is great. The writing is a lot of fun and the characters are great to play. That’s great, but I think just working with the people is what I get most excited about.

Ferrer against an ocean background.
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Not only did Ferrer love working with the cast of NCIS: Los Angeles, but he loved working on that particular show. He mentioned that he knows there are a lot of cast members of a lot of shows that are not happy where they are, but he was happy where he was. When you have the perfect job, and you enjoy what you do, why would you ever think of leaving?

At the time of his death, Ferrer was worth $4 million according to Celebrity Net Worth estimates.

Miguel Ferrer wearing a yellow bowtie
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Miguel Ferrer not only touched the lives of family and friends, but he brought a lot of joy in his role as Assistant Director Owen Granger, in the NCIS: Los Angeles spin-off of NCIS. Fans could always expect great things from Ferrer, on-screen.

Ferrer might have been worth a few million dollars, but we're pretty sure that his friends, fans and family would say he was a priceless artifact. His dedication alone was something amazing, not only to the shows he was a part of, but the fact he did not want to stop.

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