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Evelyn Lozada speaking at event

Evelyn Lozada Teases Possible Return To “Basketball Wives” After Accusations Of Racism By Co-Star

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By Ona L

Evelyn Lozada is not done with “Basketball Wives” even though she is being accused of being a full-blown racist. The former partner of Antoine Walker, who qualified Lozada to be on the popular VH1 show is in talks to return for another season of the controversial reality show. Lozado had a rough time last season when newcomer Ogom “OG” Chijindu accused her of being a racist on the show and continued her accusations on social media. VH1 has approached Lozada with a new contract for season 9 but it looks like the long-time cast member is still weighing her options.

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TMZ announced that Lozado has a few conditions if she is even going to consider filming again. After her drama with OG, Lozada filed a defamation lawsuit against her cast mate. She stated in the lawsuit that due to the accusations made by OG she had lost several endorsement deals. In September, Lozada posted a weird message to her followers that read. "Nobody watches you harder than the people that can't stand you." She paired the caption with a photo of an orangutan.

OG Chijindu at World Choreography Awards
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Co-star OG clapped back with an open, blatant message to Lozada. "Wow so now black women are monkeys. Everyone boycott this trash box you are disgusting." She then moved it over to Twitter and continued the rant. "And there it your true colors you racist bigot. You called Cece 'Ling Ling' Jackie a 'cockroach' & now me a 'monkey.'" She hash tagged Lozada’s name without hesitation. Creator of the show Shaunie O’Neil teased a cast shakeup back in October that had fans assuming that OG was not asked to return to the show.

Basketball Wives cast
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Fans now know this isn’t true with OG confirming her return to the show back in November. This came as a shock to most, not because O’Neil will always choose Lozada over any newcomer but because she wouldn’t even let OG sit for the reunion last year. This is supposedly because some cast members did not want to be the one to have to sit next to OG due to her volatile behavior during the season. This is also most likely the reason why Lozada is still weighing her options.

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However, TMZ has stated that Lozada is hesitant mostly because in the past she has left the show and loved the freedom. She reportedly had more time to work on her skincare and jewelry business. The show is a major disruption to that because filming always takes precedent. At this point, Lozada is trying to figure out if the “Basketball Wives” paycheck is even worth all the hassle. She might make more money off whatever endorsements she has left and her beauty and jewelry line.

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