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Jennifer Lopez Responds to Claims That The Super Bowl Halftime Performance Was Not Appropriate For Families

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Zachary Holt

Yes, the Super Bowl halftime performance was oozing sex appeal as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira shook it to their Latin roots. That much is true. But the performance was so much more than just the superficial aspects that seem to have gained countless criticisms.

It was a moment for the duo to entertain the people at the stadium and those watching on television, as well as, empower women all over the world. It was simply two pop stars doing what they do best. Yet, people were quick to condemn the performance. Well, JLo had a chance to address those criticisms recently at the Film Independent Spirit Awards.

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Lopez Thinks Overractions and Criticisms of the Performance Are Silly

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

In speaking to Variety on the red carpet at the event, Lopez shared how she thought the whole notion of people being offended was ridiculous. Lopez even felt compelled to share that both Shakira and she are mothers and have children of their own, insinuating that they're aware of the influence they're putting out there.

"I think that’s honestly silliness," Lopez shared with the outlet. "Both of us are really respectful performers who are moms and have kids and are very conscious of what we do."

The 'Too Sexy' Performance Embraced Latin Culture Through Dancing

Gettyimages | ANGELA WEISS

The aspects that created the most uproar on social media stemmed from Lopez dancing on a pole and the duo shaking their backends in front of the camera, with a little twerking.

For Lopez, though, the pole dancing was a nod to the hit film, Hustlers, that she starred in recently. For the booty-shaking? That was the duo embracing their Latin culture.

"We (put on) a show that I believe was a celebration of women and our Latino culture that I think was really well reserved. And that small faction of people who want to be negative about it, I can’t even let in," the singer continued.

Shakira and J. Lo Wanted to Empower Women and Young Girls Around The World

Gettyimages | Al Bello

It was important for Lopez and Shakira that the performance wouldn't just be about entertaining the fans in attendance and those watching on television. The two also wanted to empower women and young girls around the world to stand up for themselves and enjoy being a woman.

"The message of standing up for yourself, being a woman – that’s what I want to pass on to little girls – everything about you – be proud of it,” she also said. “I’m very proud of the performance that night," Lopez emotionally stated.

Lopez Shares Touching Video of Her Daughter and Her Before Performance

Gettyimages | Elsa

Lopez's daughter, Emme, also performed on stage with her, resulting in a touching moment. After the game had concluded, though, JLo posted to her Instagram account a video of the two embracing right before they went on stage.

"These moments were captured just minutes before we hit the stage last night,” Lopez shared with the video. “All I want my girls, the little girls on stage with me and all over the world to know is how to use their voices and be proud of everything they are. We are proud to recognize that all of us together [is] what makes this beautiful country truly great."

The Official Super Bowl Halftime performance on the NFL's YouTube page at the time of this writing has over 121 million views.

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