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Every 2020 Oscar Best Picture Nominee: Where to Stream

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman
By Nic Morales

Many of us are playing catch-up, trying to watch all the Oscar Nominated films before the big reveal and celebration. Up to ten movie selections can be put up for nomination this year.

If you want to be a person in the know when it comes to movies and the Oscars, here's where you can catch up and find each selection. The award ceremony starts tonight. Sunday, February 9th, so it's time to start watching! The one thing that's for sure, ALL of these films are worth your time.

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A couple of the nominees made deals with Netflix, joining their service immediately following a limited theatrical release. But even all of the other films have made it to a service to stream, allowing us access at a touch of a button to some of the world's most great pieces of art.

How cool is that? But with time running low, even if you miss a movie or five, for now, they should still be added to your watchlist to peek at later.

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The Irishmen has a very long runtime of three and a half hours! But if you think about it as a three-part series, you'll survive the viewing. Just take breaks for snacks and drinks to keep your brain active.

Marin Scorsese's brilliance exudes from this piece. We follow a character played by Robert De Niro, a hitman for a big name family. But when assigned to protect the character played by Al Pacino, things get messy. More than messy. Find it on Netflix!

Adam Driver headshot ni black and white suit and bowtie.
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Another beauty found on Netflix, is Marriage Story, starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. Emotional and unforgettable, we follow a couple as they battle through a modern divorce.

Christian Bale and Matt Damon star in this car-centered film, Ford V Ferrari. A car designer and race driver team up to overdo their mortal enemy, take him out.

You can find this movie on a number of streaming services, so if you've only got one or two available to choose from, you've go a good chance at being able to see this on. Amazon Prime, Apple, Vudu, Google Play, and others are streaming this flick.

Giphy | Joker Movie

JoJo Rabbit, a whimsical Nazi film, can now be found on either iTunes or Amazon Prime_.

Joker, the piece of Juaquin Phoenix's career. Up for 11 award total, this deal-breaker should be the number one on this list to check out. Find it on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vudu, and more streaming services.

The only place Little Women is available to view currently, are Showtime, and Fubo.

Now, we finally get to our favorite, Quentin Tarantino's new solo written piece, Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood. You can rent this one on Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, and more.

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Unsplash | Erik Witsoe

Possibly the most scary on this list, Parasite had little to no advertisement. It's still on the big screen, but if you can't catch it there, no worries; you can find it on Amazon Prime, Vudu, Redbox, and more.

1917 is still bringing in impressive numbers showing on the big screen. There's no set DVD/Blu-Ray release date, but it's worth the ticket price to go check this World War I historical piece. This tale of true story was directed by Sam Mendes.

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