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Susan Rice Warns Snoop Dogg About Threatening Gayle King

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By Adreon Patterson

Former national security adviser Susan Rice came to the defense of CBS News' Gayle King by telling Snoop Dogg to “back the **** off” after the rap legend slammed King for bringing up Kobe Bryant's rape allegations during an interview with WNBA icon Lisa Leslie.

Rice has become the latest person to defend King against the ire of social media as she continues to face threats and takedowns over her questioning.

Since the clip has gone viral, the CBS This Morning anchor has laid low other than an Instagram video.

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The former national security adviser cames to King's defense after seeing Snopp Dogg's video attacking King retweeted by writer Yashar Ali.

Ali called out the misogynistic and racial bias that has been plaguing the backlash against King.

Rice concluded her response with a rallying cry, " You come for @GayleKing, you come against an army. You will lose, and it won’t be pretty."

Rice is one of many people calling out the misogyny that King has experienced since a clip of her interview with Leslie had gone viral.


All the heat came from Snoop's video chastising King for her line of questioning while insulting the CBS This Morning anchor's looks by referring to her as "dog-faced bitch."

The rap legend started by saying “We expect more from you, Gayle" before telling King to “respect the family and back off, bitch, before we come get you."

His sentiment was echoed by other prominent Black men like Bill Cosby, LeBron James, 50 Cent and more about her question about Bryant's 2003 rape allegations. With the rapper and Cosby's comments catching the most attention.

In a later Instagram video, Snoop Dogg clarified that he didn't want any harm to come to King. He just wanted her to “have a little more respect for Vanessa, her babies and Kobe Bryant’s legacy."

Even King's best friend Oprah Winfrey got dragged into the drama, resulting in her own social media backlash.

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Senator Cory Booker stood up for King against the backlash on social media.

“For those threatening her and inciting violence, stop it immediately,” the New Jersey senator tweeted. “This is unacceptable. We must do better.”

MSNBC’s Willie Geist came to King's defense as well. He tweeted that “the threats against Gayle King for asking a fair question in the course of a long interview are absolutely disgusting."

He concluded by calling King "one of the most thoughtful people in our business.”

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King's boss CBS News President Susan Zirinsky came to her defense on Saturday as she called any threats leveled against King as “despicable.”

In a statement, Zirinsky stated, “We fully support Gayle King and her integrity as a journalist. We find the threats against her or any journalist doing their job reprehensible."

Zirinsky mentioned that the full interview between King and Leslie was “comprehensive and thoughtful," contrary to the social media outrage and threats.

Ironically, King has faulted CBS News for releasing the clip after the full interview had aired.

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Rice's response is part of growing pushback against the social media backlash King has faced following the now infamous interview.

With all the backlash, King has not returned to her morning show with no announcement of when (or if) she will return.

Many have felt the lack of support for King has brought forth a bigger issue in mainstream culture - Black women and men and their representation in the media. The reactions have created two camps within the community, highlighting a longstanding divide.

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