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Amber Rose

Wow, ANOTHER Celeb Just Got a Face Tattoo: See the Photo

Gettyimages | Phillip Faraone
By Ali Gonzalez

Tonight is a full moon, and we're just sitting here wondering if we missed some kind of wolf pack pact to get face tattoos, because Amanda Bynes, Presley Gerber, and now Amber Rose have debuted new tattoos in the most bold place a person can get a tattoo: their FACE!

It's always that first face tattoo that's the shocker. If you look at someone like Post Malone, he has so many face tattoos it's not shocking, and they're so well-lived on his face, it's hard to imagine him without his signature face tattoos.

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Amber Rose
Gettyimages | Phillip Faraone

But, it was revealed through an Instagram user, NotYourKittyCosplay, that Amber Rose has a new tattoo (or potentially, two, depending on you look at it), on her face, high up on her forehead near her hairline, of her two sons' names, Sebastian and Slash.

The user posted the photo with Amber Rose which showed the new tattoos, telling a story of how she was shopping at the store Dolls Kill when her bank declined the transaction (she was out of state), and she turned to walk away to call her bank. Then the cashier walked up with her bag in tow, and told her Amber Rose had purchased her things for her!

Amber Rose and Alexander
Gettyimages | Rich Polk

First of all, that's incredibly kind and thoughtful of Amber Rose. And second of all, the new tattoos!

Amber Rose has yet to share a word about the new tattoos on her own Instagram page. But, the model and feminist is a huge fan of body ink, with two sleeves and tattoos all over her body. She also famously dates dudes with tons of tattoos, including Wiz Khalifa and her current beau, Alexander Edwards, who has his own face tattoos.

Amber Rose
Wikimedia |

Edwards is the Vice President of A&R at Def Jam Records, and he and Amber Rose share their new son together, Slash Electric Alexander Edwards, which is a rockstar name if we've ever heard one.

Rose frequently posts adoring photos dedicated to her two boys on Instagram, the first of which she shares with her ex, rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Rose chose an interesting place for her face tattoos, and definitely one she could potentially cover-up (if she ever felt like it) with bangs of any kind.

Amber Rose
Gettyimages | Paras Griffin

The chameleon is known to change her look up frequently, so we'll have to see how she begins showing off or incorporating the new face art.

As Heavy first reported, Amber Rose appeared on a sneaker shopping and review channel, Cool Kicks, in a video posted to their You Tube channel on February 7, in which the new tattoo is visible, so it's not clear exactly when she got the art done, but it seems to be pretty recently! The only question is....which celeb will be next to hop on the face tattoo trend?

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