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Amanda Bynes blue hair

Remember That Amanda Bynes Face Tattoo? Yeah, It Appears To Be Legit

Gettyimages | Neilson Barnard
By Ali Gonzalez

Remember a few weeks ago (five to be exact), when Amanda Bynes posted a selfie on Instagram depicting what appeared to be a new tattoo—on her cheek, in the shape of an imperfect heart?

The internet went wild, given that face tattoos are such a huge step for anyone—way more so than tattoos on any other part of the body. But It was particularly worrisome to some concerned fans given Bynes' troubled history of substance abuse and mental health issues.

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Amanda Bynes
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It's really never clear whether things that appear on Instagram are real, given that things can be photoshopped and there's such a thing as temporary tattoos; so it's never certain until/unless the person-with-the-tattoo confirms it, (or, like in Presley Gerber's recent case, they post a live video of the needle and ink going into their skin, which serves as a pretty fine official confirmation that the tattoo is real). But, the first photo Bynes shared of the tattoo did appear to show a slightly-pink cheek in the area of skin where the tattoo was, as though she had debuted it not soon after getting it (which, let's be honest, is what most people who get new tattoos are compelled to do).

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And now, five weeks later, she has posted another selfie and guess what's still there? The heart tattoo. Except her skin appears clear with no pinkness, and her hair is a different color. We think it's pretty safe to say that this second photo of her with the cheek heart tattoo confirms what many were thinking and some were fearing; the misshapen heart tattoo was real!

Face tattoos certainly aren't for the faint of heart, but they're popular amongst the hip hop community, with artists like Lil Wayne and Post Malone boasting many.

Gettyimages | Handout

Most recently, son off iconic '90s supermodel, Cindy Crawford, Presley Gerber just debuted a new face tattoo that says "Misunderstood," which he got from celeb-favorite tattoo artist "Jon Boy," who also posted a photo of the new tattoo, with the caption, "Sorry Mom."

Bynes has kept her social media pretty low key since she re-joined Instagram in September of 2019.

She most recently left her Sober Living Facility and has been experimenting with various hair colors from pink to purple and blue, as well as debuting a new nose bull ring.

Amanda Bynes
Gettyimages | Jason Kempin

She seemed to get her life in a healthy and happy place, and back on track, from the spiral it went down in previous years, which included an involuntary psych hold after she lit a fire in a stranger's driveway, and months of Twitter rants including tweets in which she accused her parents of emotional abuse, which she later took back, but only in so far as she blamed the abuse on the "chip" that was in her head, which she said her father put there. At one point she tweeted that she had received a Bipolar diagnosis, but she later deleted that Tweet.

She has only mentioned her mental health indirectly in the last few months, by posting a comedic meme on Instagram that references the brain being sad even when the person with the brain doesn't want it to be sad.

We hope she's doing well!

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