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Kim Kardashian

Does Kim Kardashian-West 'Force' Her Kids to Eat a Plant-Based Diet? Fans Think So

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By Clarissa Wilson

Kim Kardashian has been criticized many times online for different things. She is once again at the center of online criticism. Her fans are now accusing her of 'child cruelty' since letting her fans know that her older children eat plant-based meals every day.

Kardashian revealed this during a Q & A on Twitter with her fans. Once a fan asked her if her kids eat the same diet as she does, she revealed it. One fan asked, "@KimKardashian, do the kids eat plant-based too?”

In which she answered honestly, "Yes they do! North is a pescatarian though.”

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Kim Kardashian
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After her answer was retweeted several times, other fans started attacking her with comments. They started slamming the reality TV star with comments saying that she was 'forcing' her plant-based diet onto her children. They also told her that children needed meat for protein.

One follower tweeted saying, “Stop putting kids on vegan lmao they need meat and everything they can decide for themselves when they are older."

Another follower of hers tweeted a comment saying, "The children need some protein from meat, at least when they are young!”

Kim Kardashian
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Some of her fans said that since North is only six, she doesn't even know what a pescetarianism is and shouldn't be on that kind of diet. One fan tweeted saying, "What 6 year old has ever said “I’m a pescatarian!” ffs i didn’t even know what that was until about 15 seconds ago."

Not only are her fans accusing her of 'forcing' this type of diet onto her children, but some of them are accusing her of being a hypocrite. They say this because Kim once accused her sister Kourtney for 'forcing' her children to eat special diets and not allowing them to enjoy candy at a Candyland themed birthday party.

Kim Kardashian
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Kardashian just recently started eating a plant-based diet. And, it isn't a surprise that her kids would follow into her footsteps. In fact, it was just back in April of 2019 when she made this change to her diet. She even posted a story to her Instagram showing off one of her special plant-based meals.

She said in her post, “I am eating all plant-based when I am home." She posted this caption once she moved her camera over her plate of food. The food was sweet potatoes and avocado slices.

Kim Kardashian
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Ever since that first Instagram post revealing her plant-based diet, every once in a while she has posted different images of her plant-based meals. She eats all plant-based food when she is home, she says. She has been eating vegan breakfast and even created a Mexican inspired 'all-vegan' meal once.

Although we don't know the extent of her kids eating the plant-based diet, we do know that they only get the best food. Kardashian will do anything for her children.

Kim Kardashian
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Not only this but in January 2019, Kardashian video recorded and added to her Instagram story about how her children all drink different types of milk. She even showed one of her many different refrigerators that was stocked with nothing but lactose-free milk and oat milk.

Kardashian even has an in-home chef that makes their meals. Because of her chef and the diet she is on, the whole family eats the best plant-based meals every day. These meals look delicious.

Although it seems that her fans don't agree with the fact that she has her older kids on a plant-based diet, it seems that the plant-based diet is perfect for the whole family.

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