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‘Cats’ Bestowed with Eight Golden Raspberry Award Nominations

Gettyimages | Bruce Glikas
By Sharon Oliver

While the country awaits to see who is crowned the best at Sunday's Academy Awards, the 2020 Golden Raspberry Awards, a.k.a. The Razzies are already celebrating Hollywood's worst.

Leading the pack (or litter) with eight nominations is the movie 'Cats.' The cinema's adaption of the Broadway musical earned nods for Worst Picture, Worst Actress (Francesca Hayward), Worst Supporting Actress (Dame Judi Dench and Rebel Wilson), Worst Supporting Actor (late show host James Corden), Worst Screen Combo (for “Any Two Half-Feline/Half-Human Hairball” plus Jason Derulo and “his CGI-neutered bulge”), Worst Director (Tom Hooper) and Worst Screenplay. Idris Elba and Taylor Swift were spared.

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Wait, There's More

Giphy | Cats Movie

Joining 'Cats' the category of Worst Picture are: 'The Fanatic,' 'The Haunting of Sharon Tate,' 'A Madea Family Funeral,' 'Rambo: Last Blood.'

Apparently, John Travolta may not have been fanatic enough. In fact, the award-winning actor was nominated twice for Worst Actor. The folks at the Razzie Organization weren't too crazy about his roles in 'Trading Paint' or 'The Fanatic.' Sylvester Stallone failed miserably in his effort to revive Rambo and Tyler Perry couldn't find anything humorous about the dying, according to Razzie critics.

Talk about getting cat-nipped.

Where is the Love?


Some of the most notable names in Tinsel Town have been nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award.

Others who find themselves listed in the Worst Actor category include: James Franco ('Zeroville'), David Harbour ('Hellboy'), and Matthew McConaughey ('Serenity').

As for Worst Actresses, that "honor" goes to: Hilary Duff,T('he Haunting of Sharon Tate'), Rebel Wilson ('The Hustle'), Francesca Hayward ('Cats') and Anne Hathaway ('The Hustle and Serenity') double ouch! And rounding the list out is Tyler Perry (as Medea), A Madea Family Funeral, who was nominated for Worst Actress and Worst Best Supporting Actor.

Awards Galore

Razzie Screenshot
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You work hard. You practice your lines. You're patient in your role as supporting actor or actress, knowing one day your time will come. For the Razzies, these are folks whose day has arrived. At least for them. Worst Supporting Actors nominees are James Corden ('Cats'), Tyler Perry as Joe in 'A Madea Family Funeral' and Tyler Perry as Uncle Heathrow in 'A Madea Family Funeral,' Seth Rogen ('Zeroville') and Bruce Willis in 'Glass.'

It should be noted that Jennifer Lopez ('Hustlers'), Adam Sandler ('Uncut Gems'), and Eddie Murphy ('Dolemite Is My Name') were nominated for the Razzie Redeemer Award, a prize acknowledging each actor’s acclaimed roles in 2019.

You Get a Razzie and You Get a Razzie

Judi Dench
Gettyimages | Jeff Spicer

It wouldn't be fair to leave off the actresses and directors who received dishonorable mentions. Worst Supporting Actress nods went to: Jessica Chastain ('Dark Phoenix'), Cassi Davis ('A Madea Family Funeral'), Judi Dench ('Cats'), Fenessa Pineda ('Rambo: First Blood') and again with Rebel Wilson in 'Cats.'

Those who disappointed Razzie folks for their director's skills are: Fred Durst ('The Fanatic'), James Franco ('Zeroville'), Adrian Grunberg (' Rambo: First Blood'), Tom Hooper. ('Cats') and Neil Marshall for 'Hellboy.'

As always, to each his own. One man's trash is another man's favorite movie.

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