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4 Times Amber Rose Was A Third-Wave Feminist Icon

Gettyimages | Phillip Faraone
By Stephanie Elmir

Amber Rose has been criticized plenty throughout her career, especially by the ex-men in her life. Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa have publicly shamed her for stripping, slut-shaming her for other alleged relationships she's had.

Rose has since clapped back in ways that help other women in her position, redefining and reclaiming her own story outside of media commentary.

Just as a refresher: third-wave feminism involves a more inclusive and intersectional perspective on how women establish their independence economically and socially.

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Slut Walk

Gettyimages | Chelsea Guglielmino

In 2015, Amber Rose funded her first SlutWalk in Los Angeles's Pershing Square. It was not started by her, already a transnational movement and event to end sexual harassment, rape, and slut-shaming of victims. Inspired by the 2014 Toronto SlutWalk, it clicked that Rose needed to make a contribution.

Rose is often criticized for her risque Instagram and modeling campaigns, but however much a woman bares is no excuse to be raped. Rose's walk happens every year now and brings out musical artists, educational booths, free breast cancer screenings, and HIV testing.

The Amber Rose Show

Giphy | VH1

"The Amber Rose Show" starring herself and certified sex therapist Dr. Chis Donaghue is a sex-positive podcast where they discuss personal issues, current events, bring on special guests and other sex therapists, and take in calls from listeners.

What Rose and Donaghue have done is given a judgment-free space to people who need help or have toxic views on sex. By opening the discussion and allowing it to be messy and honest, her podcast is releasing the stigma surrounding sex.

Talking Consent

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More than just her podcast, Rose is not shy about talking consent on other media platforms. In an episode of "It's Not You, It's Me", Rose relayed to the hosts how she frequently gets sexually harassed.

Moreover, she told hosts, Rev Rev and Tyrese, that everyone's "no" should be taken seriously no matter the situation. Even if two people are naked, condom ready, and one decides to stop and say "no", and the other person forces it, it's absolutely not consensual.

Amanda Knox


Amanda Know was held in an Italian prison for four years before being acquitted for the murder of a roommate. The Italian media slut-shammed her, framing the murder motive as a love triangle, and labeled her as "Foxy Knoxy", not so much caring if she did it or not.

Knox reached out to Rose, who admired her work as a women's rights advocate and SlutWalk promoter. Their discussion for Broadly related their experiences, both crucified by media for being beautiful and punished for having sex. Both women's stories are important, and they give hope to others.

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