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Jennifer Lopez Dishes on Her Super Bowl Performance, Touching Moment With Daughter On Fallon

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Zachary Holt

Jennifer Lopez has recently come off one of the more memorable performances at the Super Bowl we've seen in quite some time. She performed the amazing show with fellow musician and Latina, Shakira, where the two sang their hearts out, while also incorporating Latin dancing styles.

Since then, both have been going on somewhat of a Tour de Force, appearing on talk shows and planning their next move in wake of the heightened popularity the performance generated. Well, Lopez just appeared on Jimmy Fallon's talk show and reminisced on the opportunity to perform at the Super Bowl, as well as, the touching moment with her daughter on stage.

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J. Lo Discusses Why She Wanted to Involve a Miniature Empire State Building

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

On the late-night talk show, Fallon wanted to know all about the performance, so Lopez walked him through the whole ensemble, beginning with the bit where she was climbing a miniature Empire State Building.

"I wanted it to be like women were on top of the world, we’re on top of the world right now. On top of the Empire State Building and do ‘Jenny From the Block," Lopez revealed. "I’m a New York girl," referencing being from the Bronx, a neighborhood in the New York vicinity.

While Controversial, Pole Dancing Segment Was a Nod to 'Hustlers'

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

Lopez's next part of the performance featured her swinging on a pole. While it was perfectly within the musical taste, it was perhaps one of the more controversial aspects of the performance, just ask Dave Daubenmire, the man suing the NFL and Pepsi for potentially jeopardizing 'his entrance into the afterlife and eternal salvation'.

Still, Lopez's pole dancing was a nod to the movie, Hustlers, that she recently starred in. "That was my little nod to Hustlers. I was like, ‘I learned some pole things, lemme see what I could do, we can put it in there,'” she said. “I felt, again, it was a very powerful move."

Lopez Recalls Performance With Daughter Emme, Her Courage

Gettyimages | Elsa

Next, JLo shared with the Fallon the moment she had with her daughter, Emme, who accompanied her in singing a rendition of Bruce Springsteen's 'Born in the USA'. Lopez was very complimentary of her daughter, sharing that no stage seems to big for her.

"She has the performance gene. She doesn’t let it in her mind how big it is or how it scares you," she said. "I think she gets amped. She gets excited, but like a cute excited. I wish I felt more like her. I wish I didn’t realize all of the ramifications of all the thousands of things that could go wrong, which is what makes you nervous. But she has a good time with it, and I would never make her do it if she felt uncomfortable in any way."

Springsteen Calls Lopez After Super Bowl to Share Happiness From Hearing Song Performed

Gettyimages | Elsa

Lopez wasn't just going to sing one of the best rock n' roll musician's songs without permission, though. She made it a point to personally ask the former artist if she could sing his headlining song. Luckily, Springsteen obliged. He did make an effort to call Lopez afterward and congratulate her on the performance.

"He called after the Super Bowl and he was like, ‘You girls can really sing and dance," Lopez shared. "He said him and his wife Patti [Scialfa] loved hearing the song. He’s like, ‘It made our hearts leap with joy.’ So that was a great thing."

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