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Miranda Lambert

How Miranda Lambert Overcame Blake Shelton Divorce ‘S--t Show’

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Alan Blake

While Nashville is a central place for country music stars, singer Miranda Lambert views it at a different perspective. Her love for the town is not based on music alone as she sees it as a home. In 2015, she went through a divorce from her ex-husband Blake Shelton, and the experience was not a walk in the park.

In her own words, she confessed to having gone through the hardest moments and spent most of her time in Nashville.

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Lambert Found a Home in Nashville

Miranda Lambert
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After her divorce in 2015 she moved to the place, which eventually became her second hometown. She described it as a place where a dreamer can go and find no one to judge him or her. At the time, Lambert was at the center of a sh-t-show, but the residents uplifted her. They were all like ‘we got you.’

Her fans, songwriters, and friends had her back, and that healed her all the way. She opened up that her experience at times inspired her song ‘Dark Bars.’

Miranda Finds Love Again

Brendan McLoughlin and Miranda Lambert
Gettyimages | John Shearer

Miranda Lambert and ex-husband Blake Shelton had been married for four years before their split. In a joint statement, they came out to say that the life they had was not the future they had envisioned and had decided to move separate ways.

While she went through a hard time, she finally found love again and even tied the knot. Last year, reports that shocked the world surfaced, alleging that Miranda had tied the knots with Brendan McLoughlin, an NYPD officer in a secret ceremony.

Shelton Was Not Having a Great Time Either

Shelton Blake
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Speaking to CNN after the divorce, Shelton revealed that they both thought the whole thing would be cool, adding that even their divorce took only a ten-day wait. However, he later opened up to say he had not been well, although he claimed to have healed by then.

According to him, life had changed to the better, with some good things coming his way, and he loved the go. Life had turned around easily for Blake, and that was ‘amazing,’ as he put it.

Shelton and Lambert’s Divorce Was Earlier Predicted

Shelton Blake performing
Gettyimages | Jeff Kravitz/ACMA2019

The relationship between the couple had been characterized by drama right from the start. The two met while Shelton was still married, and he probably caused his first divorce. He then dated Lambert for some years before they got married.

However, rumors about their split surfaced soon after their wedding, although they may have been untrue given that the marriage survived four years. By the end of the four years, Lambert had gotten quite messy, with the divorce almost finishing her off, but Nashville recollected her.

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