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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Star Melissa Fumero Talks Pregnancies While Filming

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By Nic Morales

Amy, Melissa Fumero's character in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, thinks she could be pregnant in the season 7 premiere. Much of the episode Amy is concerned with either holding or going pee, in the hope to get an accurate pregnancy test.

She's good on the idea of having a baby with the love of her life, Jake Peralta, played by Andy Samberg. But he's not too sure about the thought of having a baby. But at the end of the two-hour premiere, the pregnancy test comes back negative.

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But the on screen couple decided to start trying for a baby! Fans already adore their relationship, this adds excitement and something to look forward to in the seasons to come. So her character isn't pregnant, yet. But in real life, Fumero is expecting baby number two!

The 37 year-old wife of David Fumero is due to give birth very soon. Fumero discussed how different filming pregnant was this time around, than it was the first time with 10 Daily . In 2016 she filmed a season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and give birth to her son, Enzo just days after filming.

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Fumero starts by saying, "The first time I was pregnant I worked the entire pregnancy and gave birth like five days after we wrapped which was horrible," In just the third season of the TV comedy, Fumero sports a baby belly.

About hiding her belly from the cameras , she says, "I'd sit behind a lot of things, we did a lot of sneaky camera angles and I held things in front of me,"

Too funny. We bet she was doggone miserable filming at the end of her pregnancy. At least this time around things were a bit different.

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"Our DP [Director of Photography] Rick Page, who at the time was one of our camera operators, actually kept a little notebook and every time there was a new prop we were using he'd be like, hashtag belly file! Then at the end of the season he made me a T-shirt with every single prop we use to hide my belly and it was awesome," she adds.

About this new pregnancy, "This time we wrapped a few months ago, we wrapped back in November so I've had like the whole end of my pregnancy off which has felt like the biggest karmic gift ever for what I did last time."

Amy and Jake: Cutest Couple On the Screen

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"They're also such opposites, that kept it sort of fun and fresh and has given us a lot of stuff to explore with them because there are so many fun crossroads for them where they're polar opposites,"

Fumero doesn't forget to compliment the shows writers and creators, "We also love the way that they have avoided a lot of tropes and a lot of cliches when it comes to Jake and Amy -- that's something we're always striving for, like, 'how do we keep this real and fun and funny, but also like, not the thing that we've seen a million times before?'"

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