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Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler together at event

Could Vanessa Hudgens Be Trying To Win Austin Butler Back?

Gettyimages | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin
By Aja

In the world of showbiz, it's difficult to sustaining a healthy relationship. Actors Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler learned that the hard way. Work started to overshadow their relationship, putting a strain on the pair. Planning a life together seemed less than likely. Unfortunately, after 9 years the young couple broke up. Even good things must come to an end sometimes. Though both stars are coping with the split in their own way, Hudgens is taking every initiative to win Austin Butler back.

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Not Just Another Young Hollywood Couple

Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens at an event
Gettyimages | Nicholas Hunt

A couple that's been together as long as Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler has is rare among young hollywood starlets. These two are wise beyond their years, even moreso when it comes to giving advice on maintaining a good relationship. Hudgens told Cosmopolitan UK that the key to having a successful relationship relies on "good communication, trust and respect." The couple regularly shared Instagram posts, supporting one another any way they could. It's no wonder Hudgens wants Butler back! These two were in it for the long run.

They Were Planning A Future Together

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler at special event
Gettyimages | Jacopo Raule

By Hudgens and Butler being together for so long, anyone would've thought they were married. Unfortunately, the couple never got the chance to tie the knot, but they certainly talked about it. The actors did discuss engagement rings and wedding bells right before they split up. Though given their work schedules, the pair wouldn't even have time to plan seating arrangements. Hudgens and Butler each got cast in roles that take them clear across the country. Butler's Elvis Presley biopic especially is far, as shooting takes place in Australia. That's just asking too much of Hudgens!

She's Still Very Much In Love With Him

A photo of Vanessa Hudgens
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Distance may have destroyed their relationship but Hudgens still holds out hope. The Bad Boys For Life actress isn't too keen with moving on, at least not emotionally. She knows her feelings for Butler won't go away at the drop of a dime but at the same time, she can't stop checking his Instagram account. Reports close to the star say that "often talks about Butler." After 9 years of dating, anyone in her position would still be hung up on their ex.

She's Sending Him Sultry Photos

A photo of Vanessa Hudgens
Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

At the start of their post-breakup, Hudgens may have tried to hold a strong front but it didn't last very long. On Jan. 30 the Bad Boys For Life actress started posting sultry photos of herself, dubbing the series of images as #thirstythursday. Most of these photos are featured from a photoshoot the actress posed for back in 2017. Butler has probably definitely gotten wind of his ex-girlfriend's photos. Maybe that was her plan all along. Wouldn't put it pass Hudgens!

Making Her Ex Jealous

Photo of Kyle Kuzma
Gettyimages | John McCoy

In addition to posting steamy photos of herself every Thursday, Hudgens is trying to make her ex jealous, in hopes they'll get back together. Just a few days after the spilt, the actress was shockingly spotted out on a romantic dinner with young Lakers basketball star Kyle Kuzma. The pair have even be spotted at other outings as well, spending plenty of time together. For Hudgens sake, hopefully it's enough to make Butler take an early leave from shooting in Australia!

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