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Ariel Winter poses in a dress

Ariel Winter Stuns In Bathrobe To Reveal What She 'Can't Wait' For

Gettyimages | Michael Tran
By Rebecca Cukier

Ariel Winter shared some content today that fans may well have warmed to – while the "Modern Family" actress is now solidly at raven-haired, fans of the 22-year-old do still seem to harbor a love for her former redheaded look.

If you dig Ariel Winter with red hair, you may be in luck. The actress updated her Instagram on Friday with a throwback from her strawberry-blonde days, and she even revealed that she's got her mind on returning to the old hair color.

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Stunning With Red Hair – And We Might Get It Back?

Ariel Winter in the street
Gettyimages | PG/Bauer-Griffin

Ariel's photo showed her shot close up and quite possibly in selfie mode. The actress was looking dazzling as her strawberry blonde locks popped against soft whites from a bathrobe, with Ariel's beautiful facial features also standing out via purple eyeshadow and warming bronzer.

Ariel gazed deep into the camera with her long hair worn down and curled around her shoulders, then taking to her caption to confirm the throwback situation and her hopes.

"🙃can’t wait to get back to this hair color🙃 #fbf," she wrote.

'Woah' – Fans Floored, But Not Everyone Wants The Red Back

Ariel Winter poses in a dress
Ariel Winter/Instagram

Ariel's post was definitely a popular one, but the 61,000+ likes garnered in two hours weren't necessarily indicative of Instagram agreeing with her.

Responses seemed to fall either side of the fence. While some fans were pumped to see Ariel return to being a redhead, not everyone wanted it to happen.

"Noooo, keep the black hair," one fan wrote.

"Black is best IMHO," another added, agreeing.

Then again, "Love it!" came from one fan digging it, with another calling Ariel "gorgeous with this hair color."

Says She Barely Recognized Herself After Going Red

Ariel Winter at an event
Gettyimages | Larry Busacca

July 2019 saw Ariel profiled by Allure. At the time, the star was still rocking her red locks.

“I’ve never dyed my hair platinum-white yet. Dyeing it this color was something I was really excited to do. At first, I was nervous," Ariel said, adding:

"But the day after I dyed it, I felt like a different person. I walked past my bathroom mirror and was like, ‘Oh my god! Who’s in my bathroom?’ And it was literally me. But I love it. It’s my favorite style I’ve done so far.”

Just Turned 22 – And It Wasn't About The Hair

Ariel Winter poses in a cowgirl outfit
Ariel Winter/Instagram

Ariel made headlines this week for finally posting snaps and videos from her 22nd birthday – the actress turned one year older on January 28.

Ariel's theme this year was honky-tonk cowgirl. She posted a red-hot update showing off her head-to-toe cowgirl outfit, with the booty-flashing finish flying the flag for Ariel's risque side. The stunning photo showed Ariel's dark hair mostly covered by a cowboy hat, but this update wasn't about the hair, with fans going nuts over the fun and sexy look.

For more from Ariel check out her Instagram.

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