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Billie Eilish Defends Drake

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By kenadijiba

People have been side-eyeing Drake for his decision to give out his phone number to young rising star Billie Eilish. In a recent interview for the staple magazine “Vogue”, she let a lot of her personal views on things people have been critical of, fly free. As we all know Billie Eilish doesn't run her life by the status quo. Her edgy choices concerning fashion and other things have people constantly trying to keep up. But, some of her comments alike to most celebrities who give such in-depth interviews received some negative feedback.

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Drake's Legacy


Drake obviously is not just a pillar in rap music but is the blueprint for cultural trends. All people who have grown up in this generation of Millennials understand his impact on society and regard him as one of the greatest to ever do it. Others who like to play devil's advocate don't really see what the hype is. With his smooth melodies to in your face style of music even those who dislike him cannot help but fall into the never-ending black hole that are his verses.

Complicated History

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If we can see what Drake definitely is not, that is unproblematic. Throughout his long standing career he has faced many controversies. A major one being tied to his ex Rihanna and in turn his public beefing with Chris Brown. He has also had instances with P. Diddy which involved the smashing of a bottle, and the more recent moment concerning him and rapper Pusha T, which ultimately revealed top secret information about his baby mother who was a porn star, and the fact that he even had a child.

How He Handles Tough Questions

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The way he handles controversy is very telling. Ironically concerning this issue of him giving out his number to young stars like Billie Eilish, and Millie Bobby Brown there hasn't been not a single peep. What it looks like to many is that, he could be afraid that if he acknowledges he did give them his number he would look like a slight creep? Well, Drake doesn't even have to say anything now because Billie has come out in defense of him. Her response on people finding this “weird” is that she believes this whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

Billie Doesn't See Anything Wrong With It

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She doesn’t see an issue with Drake having her number and believes that people make things weird, not the other way around. Hey, maybe Billie is right but the vast majority don't agree with a 30 plus year old talking to someone who just turned 18. It seems off. Why not text someone your own age like Rihanna, oh wait she probably blocked him. Well, Drake there are plenty of fish in the sea and it's clear that you could find someone at the drop of a hat, just stop giving young people your number.

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