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Jessica Simpson Addresses 'Gift' Comments, Bringing an End to The Saga

By Zachary Holt

The 'gift-giving' fiasco that has consumed the media over the last week or so might finally be coming to an end. Through interviews between television hosts and Jessica Simpson, along with Simpson's ex-husband, Nick Lachey, and his new wife, a massive back-and-forth has taken place as to whether the couple sent Simpson a gift after the birth of one of her children with Eric Johnson.

While it was purported that Simpson received a gift, Nick and Vanessa Lachey adamantly denied sending anything to Simpson, leading to a whole host of backlash for them on social media. Well, we might finally have clarity and vindication.

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Simpson Denies Ever Receiving a Gift From Nick and Vanessa Lachey

Gettyimages | Jim Spellman

On Friday, Simpson appeared on Andy Cohen's 'Radio Andy' and shared with the host that she did not, in fact, receive a gift from the Lacheys. "I didn't get a gift," she said to Cohen. "I don't know where that came from."

"My gift with Nick is that he is happy and he is married," Simpson continued. "He has three beautiful children, he’s a father and he’s celebrated for that. … That’s really a gift to me because I thought that I crushed his heart. I don’t think he believed that I could actually grow up. … We were great together when we performed, we were great together on camera. We lived that."

Nick and Vanessa Lachey Respond to Gift-Giving Claim on The Today Show

Gettyimages | Paul Archuleta

Apparently the report that Simpson received a gift from the Lacheys after the birth of one of her children stems back to 2012.

And on Monday, Nick and Vanessa Lachey were brought onto the Today Show where they were asked about the gesture. The couple was completely blindsided, leading Vanessa to come out with a little bit of attitude in her denial.

"I feel bad. I’m sorry, but you said somebody sent her … It wasn't us," Vanessa told the hosts. "I don't know her address. But thank you, whoever sent it from us!"

Vanessa Attacked by People On Social Media For Rude Behavior

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

Of course, the way that Vanessa handled the question made her look rude to the hosts, who were simply asking a question about the report.

People who had the chance to watch the interview were very turned off by the exchange, leading social media to lay into the reality television star. In fact, so much so, that Vanessa Lachey felt the need to reply to them.

She responded to one social media user saying, "Sorry you think that, just didn't want to take credit for something we didn't do," Vanessa wrote to one Twitter user. "That's all. Seems weird to ignore sending a big beautiful gift basket and taking that credit. Either way... hope you have a Beautiful day."

Hopefully The End of the Mysterious 'Gift-Giving Saga'

Gettyimages | Paul Archuleta

As of this writing, it seems that we have finally reached the end of the drama that has surrounded the mysterious gift-giving fiasco. For Simpson, it really doesn't change anything as the gesture would have been nice either way; however, for Vanessa Lachey, it provides a bit of vindication that she truly didn't know anything about a gift being sent, albeit, her behavior on the show wasn't particularly kosher. Either way, we're hoping that this is, in fact, the end of the drama surrounding the issue.

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