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Dr. Luke Wins Defamation Case Against Kesha

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By kenadijiba

If you grew up during the latter half of the 2000’s the nostalgia definitely hits you when Kesha comes on the radio. Her style and carelessness in her music were what attracted so many different people to her. When she stopped putting out new hit tracks people were left in confusion. Her popularity at that time was unmatched and she was dominating the radio airwaves. So, when it came out that there was a major issue with her and a well-respected record producer named Dr. Luke, people were in hysterics.

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The Popular Start


In the beginning of her music career Kesha didn't have the strongest fanbase. She was like an artist who people liked but could not one hundred percent connect to. Now, her relationship with those who support her is air tight. Her fanbase is cult-like and will defend her at all costs no matter what is going on with her career trajectory. The big reason as to why people started to identify with her is because she went so public with her allegations against Dr. Luke.

Whistle Blower

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Her move to do this was a bit before the “MeToo” era catapulted into what it is now. She in many people's eyes was a whistleblower and a game-changer. But, things as of yesterday kind of flipped the script. Dr. Luke did file a defamation case against Kesha and won. What this means is she will have to pay him a substantial amount of money for publically “tarnishing” what was once his pristine, as well as professional reputation. One of the main reasons Dr. Luke succeeded in winning this case all comes down to a personal text between Kesha and Lady Gaga that was made public.

Public Defamation

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By Kesha posting this text quite vehemently making strong accusations against Dr. Luke, the judge probably saw this an undeniable act of trying to bring his social standing down. This along with a lot of other comments that were not made private probably had a huge effect on why he did end up winning. As a photo of Kesha in court crying went around on Twitter, people began to get angry. The fury over Kesha having to now pay Dr. Luke is what really struck a chord.

Continue To Promote

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What makes this news a harder pill to swallow for Kesha is the fact that she did recently just drop an album. After being notified about this, will she even tour? For a long time Kesha had been in the shadows. Her comeback was critically acclaimed and supported by people who didn't even listen to her music during the time when she was regarded as more famous. Will she find some strength to continue on and publicize her music. Many believe she will.

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