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The 'Friends' Cast Allegedly Being Thrown Money To Appear In New HBO Max Special

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By Mario Perez

Did you ever notice a couple of strange things about the cast of "Friends"? Other than Jen Aniston most of the cast members have been very methodical about the way they chose their new roles. Most of them have not gone out and stared in multiple films a year or anything like that. It may not be due to a lack of offers as some people thought.

Also, lately, it seems that the cast has been a little extra friendly on social media. There may be more to that then genuine friendship.

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How Much Money Did They Make For The Show?

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In the last 2 seasons of the show each main cast member, Perry, Schwimmer, Cox, Aniston, Le Blanc, and Aniston made a million dollars per episode. At the time those numbers were just out of this world. This is probably still a sum that not even the A-listers are able to obtain for this type of show. Even though the show has been off the air for around 15 years.

The cast members were great at negotiations. The, USA Today, recently reported that the cast negotiated a deal to make revenue from the show reruns. Each cast member apparently makes 20 million a year from that deal!

The HBO Max Offer

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The show is not going to be streaming on Netflix anymore. Instead making a move to the HBO streaming service. It seems that HBO is looking to do a lot more with the show than just showcase previous episodes.

They are looking to at least have a special made that will be shot as a continuation of the show. It is not clear if this is going to be made in a movie format. A new series is highly unlikely. What is likely is that HBO will throw a lot of money the cast members' way. Reportedly offering 4 million dollars for the special.

What Is The Money Saying?

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For a lot of people $4 million seems like a truckload of money. When you are making $20 million a year from something that you have not done any work on for 15 years it is really not a big deal.

The easiest way to put it is that for $4 million the cast members are not doing a full-length movie. All of you Friends fans out there will be lucky if you get a one-hour special episode.

Why It May Not Happen

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For years a "Friends" reunion is something that fans have been speculating and even dreaming about. If the show does not get a reunion of any kind it is likely going to be the fault of one man!

David Schwimmer, the actor whose most notable roles are Melman the giraffe in the Madagascar movies and of course, you probably know him as Ross on Friends has been on record saying he is not open for a reunion. Through the years even his castmates have singled him out as the reason for the lack of a reunion.

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