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Jedd Wyatt Slams the Whole 'Bachelor' Franchise

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By Francesca O'Hern

A new addition to the Bachelor franchise is in development, and it would be the perfect way for Hannah Brown's unpopular winner, Jed Wyatt, to redeem himself to Bachelor Nation: The new show, The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, is all about couples finding love through music. However, it would seem as though Jedd has had enough of the franchise as a whole, refusing to participate in any potential spinoffs. He also gave an update on his love life and shared his true feelings about Chris Harrison.

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Listen to Your Heart

Giphy | The Bachelorette

It feels like every season of The Bachelorette features one contestant who's a musician, but who ends up only being on the show for publicity. So why not put them all together? The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart is, according to ABC's entertainment president Karey Burke, "an attempt to capture what we all know, that love and emotion and music are inexplicably intertwined." Per a press release from Burke, couples will compete in musical challenges, with eliminations each episode, until the one couple whose love is most apparent through their music is left standing.

So Why Should Jed be On the Show?

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Jed Wyatt ended up getting engaged to Hannah Brown, our most recent Bachelorette, at the end of her season. Soon after, we all found out that Jed actually already had a girlfriend back on in Tenessee, and was just on the show to promote his music career. When Hannah learned of his betrayal, she ended the engagement publicly, making Jed one of the least popular winners in Bachelorette history. So, because he's a musician, and because he's not exactly the most popular guy right now, many people, including Bachelor and Bachelorette host Chris Harrison, think Jed should compete on Listen to Your Heart.

Here's What Chris Harrison Had to Say:

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Chris Harrison explained why he thinks Jed should participate in The Bachelor, and he did not hold back: Listen to Your Heart_: “I think he needs a chance to maybe redeem himself, musically and emotionally. I think he bombed on both." It's true that many fans were annoying by Jed's constant singing and guitar playing, so maybe the spinoff series would give him a more appropriate outlet for his music. However, Jed Wyatt, did not seem very keen on re-joining the franchise.

What Jed Had to Say

Jed blatantly refused to do the show, and seemed eager to cut ties with all of Bachelor Nation, especially Chris Harrison: Wyatt told Us Weekly that Harrison encouraged Wyatt to put himself out there during the finale of The Bachelorette but then "went out to, kind of, tear me down so, for one, I’m shocked to hear that he has any sympathy for me. That just really kind of blows me away — that he cares at all. I mean judging Chris by who he is, all he cares about is the show. That’s who pays him.” Jed went on to assert that he has a new girlfriend, and is truly in love, so there's no need for him to participate anyway. Hopefully, he finds musical and romantic success on his own, and has learned from his past mistakes!

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