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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's 'The Man' Single Dropped Today

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By Ivy Pope

Taylor Swift warned us it was coming. And it's official. "The Man", the fourth single is finally here, as of Friday, Feb. 7 2020. As it climbs the charts, Swifties can't help but wonder: will there be a music video next? A lyric video is one thing, but a music video?!

The lyric video is animated, and the animation style is amazing; showing a woman trapped in a "man's world", overcoming obstacles, but even going so far as to dress in a suit and pull her hair back to seem "more manly".

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I would be complex

This is a statement towards the fact people have repeatedly called out women who are deemed "calculating" and "strategizing" to also being "simple-minded", and focused on one thing.

I would be cool

This statement is a call out to the fact people treat a woman who does the same things a man does, as "uncool", and sometimes even evil.

They’d say I played the field before I found someone to commit to / And that would be ok / For me to do

Those women who have multiple boyfriends, or date multiple guys at one time are usually displayed through the media (not even just news, but through movies and other platforms) as being a "whore" or a "slut", whereas a man can date around and it's okay, because he's testing the waters before he settles down.

Every conquest I had made would make me more of a boss to you / I’d be a fearless leader / I’d be an alpha type / When everyone believes ya / What’s that like? I’m so sick of running as fast I can / Wondering if I’d get there quicker / If I was a man

In a world that seems to be a "man's world", women are constantly behind. Think about the salary gaps that are shown between a female and male employee at the same company, for the same amount of years, and so on.

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Very little was known about "The Man" prior to Swift's seventh album, Lover, was released on Aug. 23, 2019. However, it's clearly a favorite of the singer-songwriter's. She's used the lyrics as captions on multiple social media posts, and she used it to make a statement as the opener for her American Music Awards performance.

So if you were paying attention, it wasn't a surprise! She even told us on Twitter that we'd see it drop on the 7th. This is the fourth single, not counting the promotional single, "The Archer".

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In her Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, Swift was seen working on the lyrics to "The Man." Speaking to co-writer Joel Little about the meaning behind it, she goes into detail about how she feels being a woman in showbiz, constantly having to calculate, but then being accused of calculating, and how they can never win.

Taylor Swift has openly spoken about how she feels the show business to be on her psyche, in her documentary, Miss Americana, and clearly this is one more step towards helping herself and her fans to see that they're not just "girls", they're "women" and they can do anything a man can do.

Taylor Swift
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Fans know that when the lyric video comes out first, usually there's a music video coming in a few more days. You can look at "You Need to Calm Down", where the video debuted after the lyric video by a few days, and then "Lover", where it took a week.

Likely a music video would come complete with dancing, captivating visuals, Easter eggs, and maybe even some guest stars making appearances. Specifically, Swifties would love to see cameos from amazing women.

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