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The Eye Rolls On 'Newlyweds' Was The Realest Part Of The Show Said Jessica Simpson

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By Ona L

Jessica Simpson has been spilling a lot of tea on herself lately. This comes with the territory when you write an autobiography. Simpson’s memoir, “Open Book”, has officially hit stands and there are even more bombshells than the ones she has been highlighting during her press tour. Simpson is being very candid on a lot of the things that fans wanted answers to way back when she was America’s sweetheart. In addition to opening up about her struggles with alcohol, her addiction to pills and her past relationships. Simpson opened up about her highly publicized marriage to Nick Lachey.

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Simpson told “BuzzFeed News” that she remembers the exact moment when her relationship with “MTV” and “Newlyweds”, her reality show needed to come to an end. “I felt like I was being a phony, and I didn’t want to continue on with that," said Simpson. "It wasn’t real anymore. It wasn’t real. It wasn’t who we were. There was lots of eye-rolling, and that was real stuff.” Fans of the show know that the third season was one of the hardest ones to watch. The relationship seemed fractured, but the couple was still putting on their best face.

Jessica Simpson promoting memoir "Open Book"
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The mom of three admitted that it wasn’t always bad. “We just kind of had fun with it until the end, until we started having marital problems, and I just can’t lie to people.” In the memoir, Simpson describes her marriage to Lachey as being “damaged”. This was due to their career insecurities. In "Open Book", she elaborated on how her marriage slowly started to fall apart until divorce was her only option. “We had been together almost seven years when I told Nick, “I think I want a divorce.’”


She goes on to explain what life was like at that time. “At that point we were not even speaking to each other. Maybe he was just shocked that I stood up for myself. I don’t think he ever thought I would take the leap.” Simpson’s book also goes into great detail about how her life spiraled once her divorce was finalized, abuse she had faced at the hands of a close adult. She also goes on to talk about what it was like to open up to a new relationship again after a few toxic ones.

Vanessa and Nick Lachey at Universal Kids event
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Simpson’s decision to write this book has rubbed a few people the wrong way. Not only is she candid about her life but she touches on a few topics that cause contention with people in her life. Her father’s decision to bring a male model to her wedding, her parent’s bitter divorce, and of course her relationship with Lachey which has already cause a bit of a stir with his second wife and mother of his kids, Vanessa Lachey. What other bombshells are going to drop from this book?

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