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Meghan Markle Is Predicted To Bring In Over An Estimated $100 Million

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By Jimmy Ha

Meghan Markle could be making '$100 million' this year, according to some experts.

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to step out of their roles in Royalty, many wondered what they would do to become financially independent. But, Meghan Markle could well be on her way to bring in some huge numbers for the couple.

The couple officially embarked on their new journey of independence after they announced to surrender their 'royal highness' earlier this year in January.

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And since then there have been tons of speculation as to how they would be able to live independently from the Royal Family. But, for the most part, many reports predicted earlier that they would most likely not have too many issues with becoming financially independent.

But immediately after their announcement, Markle was “flooded” with “huge” offers according to Simon Huck, Head of Command Entertainment Group.

"Obviously, our agency was flooded with inquiries for Meghan," Huck told "The Morning Toast" on Tuesday. And when was asked by co-host Claudia Oshry if he received any 7-figure offers, Huck nodded and replied: "Oh huge! Equity offers."

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Huck said if Meghan Markle accepted all of the deals his company, received she would make $100 million.

"If she did it all, she would make $100 million, but she won’t”, said Huck.

"She's not going to do traditional commercials, she's not going to be doing a perfume,” he added.

Huck explained, “Markle just can't do a standard commercial endorsement as it wouldn't be a good look for her”. Instead, she should follow what “Michelle and Barack are doing."

"She'll follow in that path," Huck said. "She'll do a book deal, she'll do a TV show, she'll produce."

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Another insider, TMZ's Harvey Levin, who has also executively produced FOX's documentary "Harry & Meghan: The Royals in Crisis”, said recently that the two “will have no problem earning big money and will become billionaires”.

“Make no mistake about it, Harry and Meghan are incredibly marketable," Levin said confidently. "I mean, we talked to Mark Cuban, who knows a thing or two about branding and business and entertainment, and he thinks they're going to be billionaires, and the reason is simple.”

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“They are sought-after people. They are young, beautiful, intelligent, interesting people and Oprah has already partnered with Harry on a mental health docuseries, So (Harry) put his foot in the entertainment pond and Meghan has been in it," Levin said.

"So they are... somebody we interviewed calls them the 'Junior Obamas' when it comes to making money because they are extremely marketable," Levin added.

So it seems that many are predicting that the ‘ex-royals’ will be well on their way to be financially independent. And not just experts, but the world, is waiting to see how they’re going to do it.

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