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Kobe & Gianna Memorial Has Set a Date

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By Mario Perez

After many days of speculation, the Staples Center in Los Angeles through different sources in the sports world has confirmed that there will be a public memorial service that is going to be taking place at the Arena.

The date for the memorial service is set as February the 24th. The date was picked as it will coincide with both the numbers that Gianna and Kobe wore on the basketball court. The numbers two and of course Kobe's iconic number 24 jersey.

There Is A Game That Day

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For about a week now it was speculated that this was going to be the date that the memorial service was going to be held. Because of the obvious tribute to the jersey numbers. Which, has been a common theme throughout the entire ordeal.

The only problem though is that the Clippers have a game scheduled in the building on that particular day. It is not clear what is going to be done to fix that up. Technically the memorial service can be held during the day, but then would have to end with enough time for the game to start.

Could The Game Be Moved?

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If you ask the LA fans what is more important, Kobe Bryant or the Clippers? You are probably going to get a unanimous response that Kobe is certainly more important. The fact is, this situation does present a logistics issue. NBA games are not as easy to reprogram as one would think.

The Clippers already have a game pending against the Lakers. That was actually canceled because of the accident that took the life of Kobe Bryant. Having to move another game could prove difficult.

Playing In Inglewood

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Maybe a farfetched option that could serve to allow for the memorial service to take place would be to move the game to the Inglewood Forum. This was the venue that hosted the Lakers for a lot of years before the Staples Center was built.

It is just hard to imagine what the scene would look like. To have people being asked to leave the arena because the Clippers have to play a game. Especially, when you take into account what type of set up the Arena will have for the memorial service.

Details On The Ceremony

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As more information starts to flow in, a lot of the questions that may be present right now are probably set to be answered. A few days ago the corner was said to have released the remains of the victims to the families. Which, means that caskets with the remains of Kobe may be present at this type of event.

Another idea is to have tickets sold as was done in 2009 with the Micheal Jackson Memorial. The Bryant family will surely provide more details in the upcoming days.

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