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New Tapes Garner Support For Johnny Depp Against Amber Heard

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By kenadijiba

If we took the time to breakdown all of the iconic Johnny Depp's relationships, it would be a laundry list of passionate unions that ended peacefully. When it comes to his ex-girlfriends Depp doesn't have a bad reputation, in fact his aura is one of acceptance and being mature enough to move on from a sticky situation. This is why people were shocked when such violent allegations were made against him by then wife Amber Heard. The immediate response towards Depp was equally as powerful.

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The Initial Support On Amber Heard's Side


Right in the smack of the era of "MeToo", Amber made public intense accusations against Johnny Depp. Depp probably by design has not been so open about his personal trials. By doing this he has allowed his audience to focus solely on his work as a transformative actor who moves with the utmost respect and professionalism. So, the contrast between these alleged acts and his public persona was a lot for people to understand along with believe, but still Amber Heard got the backing she desired.

The Stain On Depp's Career

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Fans now after the release of quite breathtaking audio where Amber Heard comes off as manipulative and a bit of a psychopath, were in awe that she also admits to physically attacking Depp. A lot of people saw her actions as one of a gas lighter and her affect on Depp's career as unforgivable. With countless petitions being created in an effort to get justice for the pain inflicted on him through this horrifying ordeal, Amber Heard has a lot to answer for. How she will pay her dues is up for debate.

Resounding Defense On Behalf Of Depp

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Now with this case of a woman abusing her husband being blown up for the world to see, will there be changes in the way the "MeToo" movement moves forward. The major criticism drawn from the movement from outside sources is the idea of believing anyone off the bat. Evidence needs to be also a part of the discussion, and if not then there needs to be some other proof involved. Now does this mean totally negate everything a woman says in response to being allegedly abused, absolutely not.

What Happen's Now

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The development of the "MeToo" state of mind needs to change in specific sectors. First, men need to be recognized for possible abuse as well and not be ridiculed for it. There also must be a period of trying to understand a situation for what it is before totally dismantling someone's entire career. Now, taking on a Bill Cosby or a Harvey Weinstein is a whole other ordeal. Why? because the evidence is so overwhelming and these men were so powerful. But, in normal day to day interaction, there definitely needs to be nuance.

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