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Demi Lovato

Does Demi Lovato Have A New Boyfriend?

Gettyimages | Rich Fury
By Jennifer Passmore

This year is definitely going to be Demi's comeback year. After giving one heck of a spectacular rendition of the national anthem at Super Bowl 54 this past weekend, Lovato has been spotted with a football player of her own. Are they an item? Fans are speculating, after being spotted partying together that she may be dating New England Patriot Julian Edelman. No one is really sure if the man in the video is Edelman, but it sure would make sense for it to be him since the Super Bowl was being held in Miami.

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Demi's Past Relationships

Giphy | Demi Lovato

Demi's dating life began when she first started dating Cody Linley, who had starred on Disney Channel's hit show Hannah Montana at the time. Well, really, it was just one date. However, she has a complicated history with the men she has dated. They include Joe Jonas, who in the end, both decided they were better off friends. After that, her longest relationship was with Wilmer Valderrama. They had dated for six years prior to them ending the relationship in 2016.

Julian's Dating History

Giphy | PUMA

Before being sighted with the pop singer, Edelman has had some whirlwind relationships of his very own. He had a quick romance with Swedish supermodel Ella Rose. Even though it had been a quick relationship, Ella got pregnant. The two now share a daughter, Lily. Eventually, things ended with Rose, as some relationships do. However, it seems like Edelman has a thing for supermodels, as he was linked to Adriana Lima. He tried to keep things casual. Plus they were seeing each other long-distance, so that put a strain on that relationship.

Edelman Is Busy Luring Somebody Else

Julian Edelman
Gettyimages | Mitchell Leff

While Edelman might be showing an interest in Demi on the dating front, he has been busy trying to lure somebody else. But not in the way that you think. On March 18, Tom Brady is becoming a free agent, and boy does Edelman want him back in New England. With a nod to the movie "Say Anything," Edelman posted a tweet simply tweeting at Brady saying, "Baby come back." However, it seems that Brady is set to leave the New England area with his family, as they are set to move out of their Massachusetts home soon.

Demi's Comeback

Demi Lovato Singing
Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

If nothing else, Demi Lovato is set to come back, better than ever and she is putting her sobriety first. Just look at her tweet from 2010, where she totally predicted that she was going to sing the national anthem. She did it, she has been busy achieving her dreams and making them come true. She is taking her health seriously as she prepares her new album. It will be interesting to see her embark on this new journey towards a beautiful and healthy life while living the life of her dreams.

Are They Or Aren't They?

Demi Lovato
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Again, while in the video, which you can view here, (it is a little NSFW), no one can confirm or deny that the man in the video is Edelman, it sure does look like him. If nothing else, it shows that both Demi and (possibly) Edelman do enjoy a good party every now and then. That and Demi sure likes to make it rain. Time will tell if the two of them start showing up to other places together. We'll just have to wait.

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