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Vanessa Lachey Clears Up Backlash From 'Awkward' Jessica Simpson Interview Question

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By Julia Duda

Vanessa Lachey and her husband, Nick Lachey, were recently on the Today Show to talk about their new Netflix show, Love Is Blind. Of course, the focus quickly turned to Jessica Simpson, whom Nick was married to until 2006. Jessica is currently out promoting her new memoir, Open Book, and has been dropping lots of bombshells about her marriage to Nick. Jessica herself had been on the Today Show just a few days before Nick and Vanessa, and things quickly got awkward when host Hoda Kotb asked about a baby gift.

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Jessica told Hoda that she and the Lacheys were on good terms, and they even sent her a "beautiful" baby gift after the birth of her first daughter. Hoda mentions this to the Lacheys during their interview -- and this is where things get awkward. Vanessa looks puzzled and immediately tells Hoda that the gift was not from them. Of course, this comes as a surprise to Hoda, but Vanessa is insistent during the interview that the gift was from someone else. When Nick jokingly asks her what she sent, she tells him "I didn’t… I don’t know her address. Thank you whoever sent it from us!"

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Well, the awkward interview has caused backlash for Vanessa, as people took to Twitter to accuse her of being "jealous" and "bitter" towards Jessica. In a series of Twitter replies, Vanessa attempts to clear the air by responding to people who said that her denial of sending the gift was "10000% not necessary". "How. I'd love to know," Vanessa responded. "I think it's weird accepting credit for something you didn't do or give." She then goes on to suggest that it was "weird" of Hoda to bring up the gift so randomly.

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Of course, Vanessa's response hasn't exactly sat well with certain people. One user called Vanessa out saying that she "embarrassed" husband Nick on the show, and that it was "classless" of her to call out Hoda during her own interview. Once again, Vanessa responded and again threw shade at Hoda by saying that a host should do "research" and ask "appropriate questions". Vanessa holds true to her initial sentiment that she wasn't trying to start drama, but instead clear up something that wasn't true.

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As for Jessica, she hasn't responded to the drama. She's been busy promoting her memoir, Open Book, which was officially released this past Tuesday. In the book, Jessica goes into great detail about her marriage and divorce from Nick, as well as some of her other high-profile relationships. As for the Lacheys, they're busy promoting their new Netflix reality show, Love Is Blind, with the first episodes dropping on February 13th. We may never truly know where the now infamous baby gift came from!

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