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Keanu Reeves Fans Get A First Look At On-Set Photos For 'The Matrix 4'

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By Michael Coe

Fans of The Matrix series were shocked and excited last year when Warner Brothers announced that there would be a fourth installment in the series, set to be released in 2021. Filming of the new Matrix movie began only 2 days ago in San Fransisco under the secret code-name "Project Ice Cream".

Thus far, details about the film have been shrouded in mystery, but thanks to some camera-wielding fans in San Francisco, we have gotten our first look behind the scenes.

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Most of the photos and footage taken from The Matrix 4 set are of Matrix star Keanu Reeves, who is presumably reprising his role as the protagonist "Neo". Reeves is seen sporting a very different look than the one he had in previous films, with his beanie, long-hair, and scruff creating a marked contrast to the clean-shaven Neo we last saw in 2003. Spoilers for The Matrix 4 remain sparse, as most of the footage of Reeves mainly shows him standing and looking around on a street corner.


Reeves' "average guy" look had many online fans speculating about what exactly his role would be in the new Matrix film. Many suggested that the new movie might focus on Reeves' character being re-inserted into the simulation of the Matrix not as a hero but as a normal person. One Twitter user wrote: "here is my theory, Neo was re-inserted to the Matrix and had his memory wiped out at the end of [The Matrix] Revolutions that's why he looks like a regular dude here".

Director Lana Wachowski
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The development of a new Matrix film was a great surprise for fans of the franchise due to the fact that directors Lilly and Lana Wachowski had constantly denied any interest in creating more movies in the Matrix universe. In 2015, Lilly Wachowski was even quoted as saying that returning to the Matrix franchise would be a, "particularly repelling idea in these times", due to big studios' obsession with reboots and sequels.

The fourth Matrix initially began development without the involvement of the Wachowski's, but due in part to pressure from the principal actors, Lana Wachowski eventually signed on to direct and co-write the film.

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In a statement about the new film, Lana Wachowski elaborated on her renewed interest in the Matrix universe by saying, "many of the ideas Lilly and I explored 20 years ago about our reality are even more relevant now. I’m very happy to have these characters back in my life and grateful for another chance to work with my brilliant friends.”

Filming for The Matrix 4 will continue in San Francisco, and will also take place in Chicago and Germany. The film is tentatively set to be released in May of next year.

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