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Fans Will Get The Opportunity For An Exclusive Ozzy Osbourne Tattoo Ahead Of Album Release

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Tara Lloyd

If you've ever wanted a tattoo commemorating Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne, you're in luck.

The legendary '70s icon is offering fans the opportunity to get an Ozzy-themed tattoo to celebrate the launch of his upcoming album Ordinary Man, out on February 21.

The album will feature an impressive host of guest stars, including Elton John, Post Malone, and musicians from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Guns 'n' Roses, and Rage Against the Machine.

Fans were treated to a teaser from the album with the track 'Under the Graveyard', and he's since released 'Straight to Hell' and the Elton John duet 'Ordinary Man'.

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On his website, Ozzy has posted a list of tattoo parlours that will be tattooing exclusive designs to celebrate the album's release.

The designs will be created by the tattoo artists, and as well as getting some sweet new ink, fans will have the opportunity to hear the album before anyone else.

Fans from Nashville, USA to Stockholm, Sweden - and a lot of places in between - will be able to get the designs - check out the full list of participating tattoo studios here.

Giphy | AMAs

The infamous frontman, famous for biting the head off a bat, will also be signing copies of the album on its release date, February 21, at Amoeba Records in Hollywood, starting from 5 PM.

Fans must buy the album to be eligible and should start getting into line as early as 10:30 AM.

And if fans were hoping to snap a picture of their Ozzy-inspired ink alongside the man himself, they'll be out of luck - there's a strict no photos policy at the event.


Earlier this year, Osbourne opened up about his struggles since he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

In an interview with Kerrang!, he said, "If you saw me at the beginning of last year, you'd think I was f----d.

"But I honestly think making this album is the best medicine I could have had. I was doing something, something I like to do. I wish I could do more, but it just felt great."

He also revealed he is in a peaceful state of mind regarding his death.

Giphy | Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

He said, "I think about it [but] I don't worry about it.

"I won't be here in another 15 years or whatever, not that much longer, but I don't dwell on it. It's going to happen to us all."

He also got personal about his recent health struggles.

"Am I happy now? No," he stated. "I haven't got my health. That thing knocked the shit out of me, man, but I'm still here. In fact, I worried about [death] more when I was younger than I do now. I just try to enjoy things as much as possible, even though that's so f-----g hard sometimes."

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