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The Magicians Quentin Coldwater

Fans of 'The Magicians' Petition To Bring Quentin Back

By Robin Burks

Fans of Syfy's magical series The Magicians , which is basically Harry Potter for grown-ups, have started a petition to bring back Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph), who died at the end of season 4. Although the series' showrunners insist that Quentin is good and dead for all time, fans can't seem to let go of what was easily the main character of the series throughout its first four seasons. It also doesn't help that the character's death was a shock to everyone involved, including those familiar with the Lev Grossman books the series takes inspiration from.

Quentin's death on the show

The Magicians Quentin Coldwater

Fans of The Magicians assumed that because Quentin was the main protagonist of the series, he would stick around for a long time. Perhaps that's why the character's death became such a shock to viewers. However, Quentin still managed to die a hero. He made sure that all the season 3 monsters got sealed away in the Seam, sacrificing himself to save his friends. His emotional send-off featured the saddest version of a-Ha's 80s hit "Take On Me" ever heard by human ears.

Fans really want Quentin back

The Magicians Quentin and Alice

Some fans can't deal with The Magicians killing off what seemed to be the show's main character. Some fans are in such denial that they have signed a petition to bring Quentin back to the show. The petition reads:

"He was the main character in the show and shouldn't have deserved to be fully killed off from the show. Such a mistake from the writers, this could cause the end of the show because i don't see the show making it past season 5 without Quentin. Many characters from The Magicians have died and still made it back into the show some how, for example Alice died and came back, Penny died but still stayed in the show & many more. "

He did return in season 5, sort of

The Magicians

The Magicians did bring Quentin back in season 5, at least sort of. In episode 1 of the new season, the heartbroken Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) gets some not-so-sage advice from her mother: do what it takes to get through the sadness. At the end of the episode, Alice casts a spell that results in Quentin, in his child form, coming back to life.

However, this isn't really Quentin, but a golem with Quentin's essence infused into it. Alice needs Quentin's help to decipher something, but it is unable to do much more than provide her an outlet for her grief. Eventually, the golem fades away.

Quentin is really and truly dead

The Magicians Quentin Coldwater

After Quentin died in the season 4 finale, he is reunited with Penny 40 (Arjun Gupta) in the Underworld, who takes him to see the "Take On Me" tribute. Penny then hands Quentin a Metro pass to go further into the Underworld, stating that he couldn't go where Quentin was going. Quentin then walked out of a door and away from The Magicians forever. Although the series showrunners did explain that Quentin might appear in other forms, this version of him is officially dead. Co-showrunner John McNamara said:

"Yeah, but this is the last you will see of Jason playing Quentin. And I’m not being coy. As far as we’re concerned at the moment, it’s the last we’ll see of Quentin."

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