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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are Keeping It Chill In Canada

Gettyimages | WPA Pool
By Carolyn B.

Much ado has made over the Royal exit of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Critics and supporters alike wondered how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would spend their days after stepping down as senior members of the Royal Family.

We now know the couple has decided to live in Canada for the time being, they will no longer be working Royals, and they intend to become financially independent. And now reports are shining a light on how the couple spends their quiet days together.

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Just Want A Normal Life

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Archie Harrison
Gettyimages | Pool

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been very open about their reasons for walking away from the Royal Palace. According to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, the birth of their son, Archie Harrison, was largely the reason for them stepping away.

The Sussexes have made it clear they intend to give their infant son as normal of a life as possible. They do, however, still intend to allow Archie to get to know his father's family side of the family by spending half their time in the UK.

Homebodies And Foodies

Archie Harrison, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry
Gettyimages | Pool/Samir Hussein

It looks like the couple is really holding good on their plans. Sources have detailed how Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan reportedly spend their days in Canada and it's honestly rather adorable.

According to reports, the Duke and Duchess like to spend a lot of quiet time with their son. They go for long walks and love being outside in Vancouver. They spend time with their dogs and Meghan reportedly likes to cook for her family ... except when Harry brings home goodies from a local sandwich shop.

Cool And Casual

Meghan Markle
Wikimedia |

These reports line up with previous sources who have said that Duchess Meghan has been a lot more relaxed and happy now that she is living in Canada. Sources say Meghan was never a fan of being served by the Palace staff and that she prefers to do things for herself.

Recent photos were taken by paparazzi of Duchess Meghan on one of these long walks mentioned with baby Archie and her dogs. Many supporters did believe the Duchess looked much more relaxed in the photos.

Privacy Is A Must

Meghan Markle, Archie Harrison, and Prince Harry
Gettyimages | WPA Pool

Along with the ability to live a more normal and quiet life with their son, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have put security and safety at the top of their list. They have warned photographers not to get too close to their family while chasing a story. The Sussexes have cited safety concerns as the reason for admonishing paparazzi.

The recent source has also said Meghan is keeping a low profile while the family adjusts to their new life in Canada.

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