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A Brief Look Into Roddy Ricch

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By Jimmy Ha

Roddy Ricch is still on top of the charts for the fifth week straight with his song, “The Box”. He’s got over 44 million streams and moving 379,400 song units. Not to mention his other single, “High Fashion” which held tight at Number Five, racking up 16.2 million streams and moving 137,600 song units.

But, although Ricch seems to be on top of the world, he talks about his humble beginnings in a recent interview with Rolling Stone this past January.

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“I been through a lot,” he says. “Going through s*** like bullets flying, it’ll f*** you up a little bit. It triggers something else in you. This fame s*** is new to me. Being in rooms where you don’t have to worry about s***, I don’t get that side of life yet. I’ll be in the room with millionaires and billionaires and still be like, ‘What’s going on? Who’s that at the door?’”

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Roddy, whose real name is Rodrick Wayne Moore, Jr., grew up between the Los Angeles and Compton area with a religious mother and a father. “A lot of street dudes, you know their grandma go to church every Sunday,” he explains. “A lot of people in the pen, a lot of that come from them running away from that. They seen they grandma always going to church, mama always going to church, but they still struggling. This the reality of some peoples’ life. (Church) just drives them away.”

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He was baptized around age seven. And although he doesn’t have the best views about the church institution, a few years later, he was able to meet a man by the name of Kendrick Lamar through a church gathering. Lamar encouraged Roddy to continue rapping hearing him freestyle.

“He went to my mama church,” Roddy says. “Just randomly, I went one day, and he was there with his peoples. This was before ‘Swimming Pools’ had came out. I had rapped for him and he told me, ‘You going to be somebody in the world.’”

But, outside of church it seemed like the world was anything but ‘churchy’.

“Broadway is this long street off downtown,” Roddy says. “I walked about 20 blocks in the middle of the night. I’m walking through different neighborhoods. On some corners, the entire corner is blood on the floor, the entire corner. Just imagine walking through that, feeling like, ‘I could die, just like that person died right here.’ There’s candles and signs. Sometimes that s*** make you feel crazy. Like, did I defeat death?”

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Before all of the recent success, he mentions a conversation he had previously with his best friend who was in prison, “I was on the phone with my best friend on Christmas like, ‘Bro, when you get out, I’m gonna have a plan. We gonna get some money. I’m gonna do this rap s***.’ At the time, I’m broke. He in jail. I’m just telling him, ‘This is my plan.’”

Eventually, the same best friend he spoke to that Christmas about his plan arrived back home, just as Roddy dropped “Die Young.” “When he got out, he came to the ‘Die Young’ release s***,” Roddy shares, mentioning how his mother finally got to meet his best friend. “(He) died three weeks after, four weeks after.”

“That moment made me feel like life is a test,” he says. “Life is always going to be positive and a negative. My whole life changed positively and negatively. I will never be able to share a fing shot with my n*. I can’t pour up no Ace (of Spades). I can’t celebrate with this man ever in my life again.”

“At the time, I didn’t have nothing to celebrate,” he continues. “Now I got something to celebrate with this man, I ain’t got nobody to celebrate it with.”

“That s*** is just life.”

And just about a year and a half after the incident, Roddy has the Number One album in the country. But even through his success, he mentions how he doesn’t forget his best friend.

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