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Harvey Weinstein Allegedly 'Trapped' Model In Hotel Bathroom, Assaulted Her

Gettyimages | Scott Heins
By Kasey Williams

A model testified in Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday and detailed a 2013 encounter with Harvey Weinstein wherein he attacked her in the bathroom of a Beverly Hills hotel.

Lauren Marie Young, 30, who is also an actress, was invited up to Weinstein's suite the night of Feb. 19, 2013, and escorted up to the room by Weinstein's associate, Claudia Salinas.

Once there, Salinas aided in trapping Young in the bathroom with Weinstein, a routine documented by previous accusers in the fallout of the #MeToo movement.

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“As I step in to the bathroom there’s a mirror straight ahead and I look in it and behind me I see Claudia closing the door,” Young said.

Shortly afterward, Weinstein began to undress and get into the shower.

“I stood there in shock…laughing…shaking my head and I went to go to the door to approach it,” said Young, who then described how Weinstein “stepped in front of” her.

Feeling trapped with nowhere to go, Young said she began to feel scared.

Young then said that Weinstein, aided in part by Salinas, trapped her in the bathroom.

"I felt so trapped and I was in shock and started to back up away from him," she said. "I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I was just really worried and scared he was going to hurt me.”

Shortly thereafter, things got even worse, according to Young. A naked Weinstein then got behind her and began to undress her. She was wearing a white dress, one used as evidence in the case.

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“He unzipped [my dress] and started pulling it down and turned me around and he started masturbating while grasping my right breast with his left hand while jerking off with his right hand saying, ‘How am I going to know you can act?’ ” Young said, telling the jury that she “said no, no, no the whole time.”

Weinstein then moved his hand down from her breast to her vagina, she claimed, although she said she was able to use her hands to block his.

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The disgraced producer then returned his grasp to her dress until he ejaculated on a towel. Weinstein then left the bathroom.

“I pulled up my dress. I don’t even think I zipped it," Young continued. "I walked out of the bathroom and [Salinas] was standing right there and Harvey had already gone into his bedroom.”

On the way out, Young glared at Salinas before she drove to her friends house, where she told a couple of friends about the encounter, including singer Ryan Beatty.

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Before the incident, Young claims she had been invited to the Beverley Hills hotel for a business meeting with Weinstein, one in which Weinstein apparently feigned interest in a script that Young had written.

Young also corroborated previous details divulged by actress Jessica Mann, alleging that Weinstein had "deformed" genitalia.

The case, which is taking place in New York, is separate from other cases, including one from earlier this month in Los Angeles.

The prosecution rested their case early on Thursday, setting the stage for Weinstein's defense team to plead their case.

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