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Shakira & Jennifer Lopez Got No Payment For Super Bowl Performance

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By Mario Perez

The half time show at the Super Bowl is without a doubt one of the most talked-about moments from the big game. In this year's game, the show was almost unanimously praised by fans and critics alike. Shakira and J-Lo were able to mix in the Latin culture with a spectacle that was more than worthy of the big game.

In only 14 minutes they were able to deliver a show that is probably going to be remembered for years and years to come. Why though, were they not paid for the performance?

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The NFL Does Not Pay Performers


The NFL has a policy in which it does not pay performers to show off their talents in the Super Bowl half time show. This is a policy that the league has set up and has stayed by for quite a few years now.

That does not mean that the performers are left with ways to try and finance the show. The NFL does pay for all of the things that the show needs to go on. The stage, the lighting effects and all of that are paid by the league.

How Much Does Putting On The Show Cost?

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Putting on this type of show reportedly cost the NFL around 10 million dollars. That does not sound like a big deal when you take a look at all of the numbers that are thrown out as far as the costs for the game.

The NFL partnered with Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports to be able to create the show. That, as was mentioned before, lasted 14 minutes. If you look at it like that, that is a pretty expensive 14 minutes.

Where Do Musicians Make Money?

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If there is no money involved with putting on the show for the musicians, why would they spend so much of their time doing rehearsals and making sure the show comes out as planned? Well, it is pretty simple the show gives an artist a tremendous amount of exposure.

Not only does the show get all sorts of media coverage, but this also leads to the many fans watching the show wanting to get more from the performers. It was reported that Justin Timberlake's songs skyrocketed in streaming services after his Super Bowl performance. Jenny from the Block and the She-Wolf are hoping for that same effect.

Obviously, It Not Just About Streaming

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More streams are not going to be the only source of income that these two performers. Fans are probably going to be expecting some more performances from both Shakira and J-Lo. They are going to be able to go on a pretty lucrative tour to cash in big on the success that they had in those 14 minutes that the show lasted.

Don't feel too bad for them not getting paid for the great show they put on. They are going to make that money back relatively quickly.

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