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'SNL' Writer Paula Pell Reveals Justin Timberlake Is The Most Loved Host

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By Tara Lloyd

Saturday Night Live has been enjoying a pretty stellar season, with hosts like Scarlett Johansson, Eddie Murphy and Adam Driver giving us some hilarious episodes.

But SNL writer Paula Pell has revealed her most loved host of all time - five time host Justin Timberlake.

Timberlake, 38, first hosted the sketch show in 2007. He's since won three Primetime Emmy Awards thanks to his appearances on the show. His most recent appearance was March 9, 2013, where he appeared in a sketch honoring the "Five Timers" club.

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Pell revealed why Timberlake was her favorite guest host.

"Well, it's funny because one of my favorite guests is Justin Timberlake, because I used to do the Omeletteville sketches with him," she told HollywoodLife, referencing one of Timberlake's most popular (and often repeated) sketches, once featuring an appearance from Lady Gaga.

"I would sit down late night listening to all those songs as pop songs and put different words and all this. He'd come in and in two seconds have every bit down."

Speaking at the Writers' Guild Awards, she added, "We always had a big laugh together[...] just because it's the WGA Awards, we would always love hosts that remembered the writers, that revered them and that really became friends with them while they work deeply with them. And if you had a host that didn't even really know your name or want to know your name, and you're doing a very big sketch for them, and you'd always kind of be like, 'Oh, this person does not realize where their bread is buttered at the show'.'

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Timberlake, apparently, was not one of those guests, and Pell has fond memories of the hosts that treated the writing team with respect.

"So a lot of them that were very dear I still see today and have a connection with," she said.

"It means a lot, because you can become very anonymous as a writer and kind of get hidden, and then they get up and do your stuff and get accolades for it. And you're like, 'maybe you should have learned my name'."

As well as writing the Omeletteville (and Liqourville, and Homelessville) sketches, Pell was also responsible for legendary sketches like Debbie Downer and Will Ferrell's Spartan Cheerleaders.

Timberlake may be beloved on the SNL stage, but some stars are reportedly not so popular amongst cast members.

SNL alum Bill Hader revealed that Justin Bieber was one of the worst behaved guest hosts they had encountered, with Hader stating on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live that Bieber was "in a bad place. Maybe he's in a better place but then... it was rough".

In 2006 Tina Fey called out host Paris Hilton on Howard Stern's talk show, calling her "a piece of s--t".

"The people at SNL were like 'Maybe she'll be fun, maybe she won't take herself so seriously'. She takes herself so seriously!"

(Fey later said she regretted "sinking down to that level of discourse", but still called Hilton "a terrible role model and a terrible young woman".)

Adrien Brody also raised eyebrows when he went off-script - a particular peeve of creator Lorne Michaels - and donned a wig and fake Jamaican accent to introduce musical guest Sean Paul.

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