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This Food In Angelina Jolie’s Diet Will Make Your Stomach Churn

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By Jimmy Ha

Angelina Jolie is no stranger to doing things via her own beliefs. She is an accomplished actress, mother of 6, and devoted philanthropist. And she’s no stranger to being in the news for things that are a bit out of the ‘normal’, but it's usually all for good reason.

But some of Jolie’s eating habits are a bit questionable. Jolie and her six children enjoying one unusual snack will have your stomach-churning. Make sure you're not eating your lunch while reading this.

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Angelina's Unusual Diet Tip

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Angelina Jolie and her kids love eating bugs. Yes, that’s right! They’ve been eating bugs for years now and it is part of their regular diets. It has been something that Jolie has made regular in her household.

“They’re used to eating scorpions, especially Shiloh,” Jolie said in 2017 while promoting the film First They Killed My Father. “Shiloh loves a tarantula, loves a bug. They can all eat a bag of crickets like a bag of chips, so they’re all used to it. But I’m learning to cook them better with a little more flair and seasoning.”

It's Not As Unusual Around The World

Gettyimages | Monica Schipper

While this habit might sound unusual or even disgusting to most people, it’s more common in some countries, especially Asian countries where people been doing this for centuries. And surprisingly, it’s also catching on in the U.S. as it’s been proven to be an excellent source for your daily protein intake.

But, just because Jolie and her children are eating bugs, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have certain etiquette or special recipes when it comes to digesting the little critters.

Crickets Are A Good Gateway Bug

Gettyimages | Albert L. Ortega

Crickets, for example, are surprisingly high in protein and many health experts have said that incorporating them into diets regularly can have positive effects to your health. However, it’s usually served in the form of a powder that can be mixed into recipes.

But, knowing the daring side of Jolie, she encourages her kids to eat the bugs whole. In a BBC post regarding the unusual diet, Jolie is seen directing her twins Knox and Vivienne on how to eat spiders correctly. “See the ‘hard part’ where you have the teeth? Take the fangs out.”

Think Before You Bite

Gettyimages | Tim P. Whitby

Jolie explained in that crickets can be considered a “gateway bug” and eventually, you can move up to eating other types of creepy crawling creatures from there. Many countries actually considered them a delicacy and prices for particular dishes can get pretty expensive.

That being said, if you ever decide to take Jolie’s advice on eating bugs don’t just go out there and pick bugs off the dirt as if you were a certain Hog and Weasel singing, “Hakuna Matata”. But, you may want to look into some recipes and trusted recommendations before you decide to take the plunge into a bug’s life.

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