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Demi Moore & Rumer Willis Attending The 2019 Vanity Fair

Mother And Daughter Duo, Rumer Willis And Demi Moore Are Mending Their Relationship

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By Aja

Rumer Willis and Demi Moore's relationship has been rocky for years, but now the two are working on rebuilding their once broken family. In recent years, Willis has come to support her mother through her struggles and tribulations, especially after the release of Moore's new memoir Inside Out back in 2019. Rumer Willis even opened up about what her childhood was like and her mothers addiction problems. She even shared her ill feelings toward her mother's marriage to Ashton Kutcher.

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Willis And Her Sisters Open Up About Mother's Drug Abuse

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Demi Moore had a tough childhood herself, often noting that her addiction started in her 20's. Throughout the rest of her life, she endured heartache, loss and drug abuse. On Jada Pinkett Smith's Facebook Watch Show, Red Table Talk, Moore's two daughters, Rumer and Tallulah Willis, each recall their experiences, stating that Moore "become this monster". The intimate interview provoked much emotion and drudged up difficult memories for both Demi Moore and her daughters. Fortunately, it brought their family closer.

Rumer Felt Like She Was Being Replaced

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During the Red Table Talk interview, the sisters further discussed their mother's third marriage to Ashton Kutcher in 2009, and their difficult relationship with Moore's new husband. Rumer Willis especially disliked the new father figure, feeling as though she and her sisters were being replaced. At this time, her mother and Kutcher tried to conceive their first child together, but sadly Moore suffered a miscarriage. Rumer admits she was frustrated with her mother but later came to understand Moore's grief.

The Night Rumer Willis Called 911 On Her Mother

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After the spilt from her third husband, Ashton Kutcher in 2012, the mother of three went into a downward spiral. Rumer Willis recalls the traumatic moment when her mother had a seizure at a party they attended together after the divorce. The 57-year old had a "terrible reaction to a drug she'd taken, which left lying on the floor, semi-conscious." After the incident, Willis and her sisters didn't speak to their mother for 3 years, leaving the family broken again.

How Rumer Willis Was Affected By Mother's Relapse

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Those 3 years of disconnect were especially hard for Rumer Willis. The relapse affected Willis to the point where she started drinking herself. The 31-year old revealed that she had so much resentment and unresolved feelings toward her mother that her only way to cope with the pain was through alcoholism. Willis recalled a time her drinking became so "severe that her friend had to call 911." Luckily she got sober and didn't follow the same footsteps as her mother.

Rumer's Mad Respect For Her Mother

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The mother-daughter duo have come a long way in their relationship. Just last year, Rumer Willis appeared on the talk show The Talk to shower her mother with love and praise over the release of Inside Out. During the interview, Willis referred to her mother as a "beacon of strength, and this kind of leader." It was a brave moment for both mother and daughter. Their family went through years of pain but they came out stronger in the end.

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