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Lego Bricks

12-Year-Old Shelter Volunteer Builds Wheelchair For Puppy Out Of Legos

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By Jennifer Passmore

Lego bricks are indeed made for children to learn how to build and engineer. However, they can also be used for a greater good, as evidenced by a 12-year-old named Dylan Shervin who volunteered at his local animal shelter. He spotted a puppy who was born without front legs, a birth defect. An idea began to form in his mind to build this little girl a wheelchair out of Lego bricks. That is exactly what he did and the pup was able to take her first steps.

Tragic Tale: A Dog Dumped

Abandoned Dog
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When a little newborn puppy was born, her owners quickly dumped her at a veterinary clinic. The poor thing was in such rough shape. She had maggots all over her body, and hair was missing from below her eyes. She was also missing her front legs, a result of a birth defect. This is presumably why her previous owners dumped her at the clinic in such a condition. The veterinary clinic reached out to Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue. No one knew what was going to happen next.

Mostly Mutts

Dogs Running
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The owners of Mostly Mutts were so smitten with Gracie that instead of rehabilitating her for adoption, they adopted her themselves. But she was still just a little too tiny for a custom wheelchair to be built for her. One of the owners asked a young volunteer named Dylan to possibly make her a wheelchair out of Lego blocks. Dylan happily obliged to help little Gracie out. He built the pup her first chair out of Legos, and she was able to take her very first steps.

Growing Up

A Dog With A Stick
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Little Gracie, who at that point had been dubbed "Amazing Gracie," was quickly growing, and soon outgrew the first wheelchair that Dylan had built for her. So, he built another wheelchair. Tammy Turley, one of the owners of the shelter told The Dodo, "The first couple of times, it took her a minute to figure it out, but we ended up getting little pieces of hot dog and when she smelled those, she took off." Amazing Gracie is definitely a fighter.

A Brother For Gracie

Smiling Puppy
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The Turley family already had adopted a 3-year-old chihuahua that only has three legs, so they were more than happy to welcome Gracie into their family fold. Dylan even built her a third wheelchair as she grew. Finally, after growing to her maximum size, Gracie was fitted for a permanent wheelchair for her. Today, Gracie acts just like any other dog. Her story caught the hearts of millions, and her story blew up all over news websites and social media.

A Happy Ending


Gracie is now over a year old and runs around just like any other dog and just loves to zoom around with her other siblings. The Turleys will be forever grateful for their young volunteer Dylan for coming up with the beautiful idea to give Gracie the gift of mobility until she was old enough for a proper wheelchair. This just proves that there are still amazing people in the world. Amazing Gracie and Dylan's story showed us just that.

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