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Jessica Simpson holding a mic, up close.

Jessica Simpson's an 'Open Book'

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By Ivy Pope

So Jessica Simpson's memoir, Open Book is seriously open, it's aptly named. It details everything about her life from her additions, affairs, marriages and divorces, to more.

Like, did you know Jessica Simpson felt like she was "never alone" when it came to being in her ex-husband, Nick Lachey's eye?

"The thing about falling in love with someone in a boyband, is that you're not alone. There are a lot of girls out there who had already compiled all the details on Nick Lachey."

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"Hello, my life"

Jessica Simpson wearing a flag jacket, and holding a mic.
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It's true, and she goes on to talk about how Nick won her, or how she won him. It sounds a bit like a fairytale.

"At eighteen, my usual move was to be coy and look away, but I didn't. He came over, walking in more causual version of the onstage boy-bander saunter I'd come to see him do time and again, but more purposeful. 'Hi, I'm Nick,' he said. "Hello my life,' I thought."

Then she goes on to describe Nick's "secret weapon", when they met the next time, at a Teen People party. His... mother! Lachey asked his mother to get him "in good with this girl", and it worked--he got her number, and she learned he dumped the girl he was seeing at the time.

The "Perfect Bra"


Her first time was a bit of an 'oof'. She wanted to save herself for marriage, and when she told Nick, because it's always smarter to be honest with someone than not, he said:

"Well, Jessica, this dreamboat has sailed. I respect that, thank you for telling me."

She describes how patient Lachey stayed with her, and how the relationship progressed physically was up to her at all times. She mentions that Lachey was the first man to touch her breasts, and it was such a big deal that she went bra shopping for "the perfect bra" for the occasion.

Lachey Made it Difficult to Keep Promise to Herself

Jessica Simpson in a black dress on a street.
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She describes how difficult it was being with Lachey and keeping her promise to herself, because he turned her on so much. But we all know how this story ends; on their wedding night, they finally had sex.

However her fame upset her, because fans were asking questions. It ended up breaking the couple up, though they did get back together. When Lachey brought up a prenup, Jessica fought not to get one, and they did not end up getting one but...

Not a great start for a marriage.

Despite it all...

Up close shot of Jessica Simpson
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Despite everything, Jessica writes that Lachey was meant to be her husband, and was meant to have her virginity.

There's more to this story, but I guess we'll just have to snag ourselves a copy of Open Book to find out everything. It's bound to be the sort of book you just cannot put down, especially knowing that everything in it is real.

A lot of this book, if not all of it, is solely from Jessica Simpson's experiences and the way she remembers things, and while a lot of this was documented because she is a celebrity and everything is documented, some of it might not have been and might have been muddled.

Remember, these are how she experienced things. Other people in her story might have experienced things differently, and that's okay.

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